7 Things I’ve Learned During My Years Selling Horses Internationally

Posted on 7th October 2021

Selling horses is hard work, and not for the reasons you might think. It’s not about selling to the highest bidder – you want to make sure that your horse will be taken care of in its new home. For years, I’ve been selling horses for recreational, sports, and farm work to people of various calibers. I’ve done my best to be fair and kind to my horses and to ensure that every horse goes to a good owner. Here’s what I’ve learned during my years selling horses – I hope that you can take something valuable out of my experiences.

1. Diligence and Dedication

As a horse seller, I never wanted any of my animals to go to the wrong hands. There are always shady people to be worried about when you’re selling horses, especially if you’ve never heard of them before. Running background checks and contacting other horse farmers has taught me diligence and dedication toward a goal I consider noble. The fact that I’ve never had any of my horses mistreated or harmed in any way after they were sold is an achievement of mine.

2. Patience and Empathy

I’ve seen my fair share of horse births and each of them was more magical than the last. Young horses need care and patience but most importantly empathy. They won’t understand the words you’re saying even if you translate them to another language. Using The Word Point did help me get in touch and communicate with horse specialists from around the world thanks to their professional translation services. With that, I learned what it means to be patient and empathetic toward others.

3. Kindness Toward Others

Feeling for your horses will make you kinder toward people around you. Horses will respect you as their equal if you treat them properly. By doing that, you will learn how to be better to others. This has helped me as a horse seller and a family man over the years. Being kind is more than just avoiding fights or letting others get their way. It’s about understanding what they need and meeting them halfway – the same applies to horses.

4. Knowing When to Say No

Not everyone is fit to raise horses and as a seller, you need to know who fits that bill. Learning how to say “no” even to lucrative purchase offers has taught me a valuable lesson. Even if I made money short-term, my horses would suffer for the rest of their lives. This has made it easier for me to say “no” in various other situations unrelated to selling horses. In a way, I owe them that lesson, and I’m glad for learning it.

5. Humility in Compromise

People who intend to buy a horse for recreational purposes or to start a horse farm sometimes don’t know what that entails. A horse needs a lot of work and compromise on your part as its owner. You need to invest a lot of money and energy into making sure that your horse is happy and content with its life. Helping new horse owners learn how to take care of their new companions has been an invaluable experience, and I enjoyed it immensely.

6. Staying True to My Word

When you’re a horse seller, you come across many people, some of which will be from abroad. This means that you’ll have to learn how to negotiate, make compromises, and find solutions that work for everyone. Keeping promises is important in horse selling, even if you’re working with someone from Europe or Asia. I’ve learned to use text translation services whenever I needed help localizing my emails or writing papers for quick communication reference. Also, I picked up on quite a few words in German, French, and Spanish in the years I’ve been selling horses.

7. Working Hard Does Pay Off

The feeling of selling a horse or buying a new one for your livery simply cannot be put into words. When a horse leaves your care, you feel a part of yourself leaving with it. Likewise, when a new horse arrives, you feel your family growing that much more. Working day and night to provide care for horses is a very valuable life experience. It pays off to see your horses be healthy and happy with the way you treat them.

Learning What’s Important

I’m grateful for all the years I’ve spent selling horses and the lessons these animals have taught me. Without them, I’d be half the person I am today, and it would be difficult to put my experiences into words. Do consider visiting your local horse farm or livery for horse riding. You’d be amazed at how gentle, powerful, and kind these animals are.

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