An Essential Equipment Checklist For Horse Owners

Posted on 11th February 2022

Owning a horse, especially if it’s your first time, can be a costly and confusing time. If you’re unsure about the things you’ll need for your new equine friend, then you’ll want to do plenty of research to discover what you should buy to ensure your horse is comfortable in the training arena, the paddock, and the stables.

There are many different things to consider, from riding tack to tools you’ll need to help you maintain the yard. This checklist will help you to identify precisely what you need and will also help to prevent any unnecessary purchases too.

Rugs And Coolers
Keeping your horse comfortable is a vital part of their physical and mental welfare and shouldn’t be disregarded. In cold weather, you’ll want to make sure your horse is wrapped up warm with an extra layer of thermal protection in the form of a rug. Rugging is an essential part of horse ownership, and there’s a lot more to it than just throwing a warm rug over them.

These can be worn overnight in the stable in frigid temperatures, and you can also give them a rug to wear during turnout in the paddock. When riding your horse or letting them out during the summertime, you can also get them a cooler rug and lighter mesh sheets that can wick away any sweat, reducing the risk of developing a chill.

Stable And Yard Tools
Keeping the yard and stables clean is a very important step in horse care, as an untidy and unclean yard can increase the risk of infection and disease for you and your horse. There are many tools that you should consider for getting the job done. A sturdy set of brooms and brushes are essential for hard floors both inside and outside the stable, and you’re also going to need a wheelbarrow and a fork for mucking out.

A shovel would be useful here too. Stools and mounting blocks are also good for many different purposes alongside helping you mount your horse. They are often used for getting up higher for grooming and general maintenance around the stable.

Grooming Kit
A bit part of taking care of a horse, as with any animal in your care, is to ensure that they are clean and well-groomed. Horses, in particular, require a lot of maintenance and should really be groomed at least once per day, even if they’ve not been getting dirty in a muddy paddock. Brushing your horse is going to be one of the most common grooming choices and can be seriously beneficial to them.

Brushing encourages increased blood flow to the surface, improving their skin’s overall health and helping to displace irritants from their hair, such as dirt and other particles. You can find your equestrian equipment online from companies like Equi Supermarket, allowing you to build up a quality grooming kit as well as a kit including shampoos and buckets for a deeper clean.

Leads And Collars
You’ll want a sturdy set of lead ropes and headcollars for your horse, both for leading them to the paddock as well as taking them out for some exercise without riding them. Sometimes it’s essential to get out and about with your horse without them having to carry you, and this serves to provide them with some well-needed light exercise and give you both the chance to bond. It’s always worth taking a spare lead rope with you at all times in the event that a rope breaks or you lose one, as being without a lead rope when away from the stable could be disastrous.

When it comes to headcollars, it’s worth choosing a leather one as it will break easier than a nylon one. A leather headcollar could save your horse from serious injury if it were to get caught on something as it will snap much more quickly, allowing your horse to get free.

Bits And Bridles
Choosing these items for your horse is much more in-depth than you’d think. Different bridles will suit different head types for horses, be they wider heads or narrow, so make sure you consider when choosing. There are other additions to the bridle, such as nosebands and reins, too, that have different styles from aesthetic to usage. A lot of these decisions do come down to personal choice and comfort, however, but it’s worth doing some research first just to be sure.

Bits, which are what the reins connect to in the horse’s mouth, also come in many variations. Ideally, you want to choose the softest bit possible to provide your horse with the best comfort while riding. However, harder to control horses are going to need a tougher bit or even bits that interact more with the lips and cheeks to encourage the horse to keep its head up or turn more when prompted. Only choose to go for one of these harder ones if you have no other options, though, as comfort is key.

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