Comprehension Equine Vision

Posted on 12th April 2022

Having developed as an open-range prey animal, horses rely on their vision to stay alive. This vital part of their body helps them avoid getting injured or attacked by predators.

The Equine Eye

Large equines have eyes of considerable size that are situated sideways of their faces. This lets them have a broad field of eyesight. Unfortunately, they also have 2 blind spots ahead and behind them where they don’t automatically see things. There are a number of developed online games regarding horses where users can enjoy 22Bet live sports betting and relish the process.

Pupil Shape

Unlike other animals, equines have lateral pupils, which enables them to concentrate their attention on the horizon even while grazing. This feature helps them avoid being killed by predators and survive in most cases.

Eye Color

Eye color does not influence horse vision.

Contrary to popular belief that light eyes are weaker, they are not as weak as dark ones. Blue eyes are inclined to widen more rapidly and hold longer in case of a veterinarian examination.

Eye Location

When a horse is free springing, watch closely as he comes near the fence. He can either elevate or put down his head to get an idea of the obstruction in front of him. Doing so helps him get the most precise view of the hurdle.

How Well Do Horses See?

Although horses are considered to have acute vision, they might not be able to see the print on the grain bags. Studies have shown that domestic horses are not so inclined to be farsighted as wild ones.

However, despite their lack of vision, horses can still see clearly in low-light conditions. They can also detect motion with their large eyes. For most domestic horses, this can be spotted by waving at the flag of their neighbor.

Even though horses don’t have vision, they can still detect movement in their visual area. This helps explain why they are more likely to get agitated on windy days.

Color Recognition

Although horses sometimes identify different colors, they cannot tell the distinction between the hues yellow, green, and blue. They also have a hard time discerning green from red, which is similar to what humans experience with color blindness.


Contrast is also very crucial to a horse’s eyesight. For instance, when designing jumps, it is significant to consider the background color and the bar color.

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