Different Ways you Can Bet On Horse Racing

Posted on 30th July 2016

Horse racing had been one of the most popular sports in the world, and one of the sports that had been running for centuries. The people love the rush of seeing and feeling (if you are watching it live!) horses gallop and make that final dash for the finish line is the kind of adrenaline rush that people always come back for over and over again.

This is also the reason why the best online sports bookmakers strive to promote their horse racing odds and lines to bettors, as horse racing events tend to attract a lot of audiences and thus also attract a lot of bettors. You can read more on which bookmakers offer good horse racing odds and lines on review sites like Betenemy. You can also read on a lot of tips, reviews, recommendations, and ratings on various popular bookmakers.

If you are a beginner in horse racing betting, knowing the different types of bets is essential. Here are the different kinds of bets you can make for a horse racing game. The first thing you should know is that there are two main types of horse racing: straight and exotic bets.

Straight wagers

A straight wager is a kind of wager where the bettor only bets on one horse. There are several straight wager sub-types:


This is probably the simplest and the most straightforward bet you can do, and this is the kind of bet that most beginners make. In this bet, you simply bet on which horse you think would win the race.


In this kind of bet, you will bet on your desired horse, whether it finishes first or second.


This type of bet is similar to a place bet. However, what you’ll bet on is if whether the horse you chose would place between first, second, OR third. This type of bet is easier to win since there is a wider margin for winning, but it yields significantly less profits than other types of straight wagers.

Across the board

This is also sometimes called the ‘combo straight wager,” as betting across the board means you’d bet on a single horse to win, place, and show. This kind of bet is technically a three-in-one kind of wager, so you schedule expect that this would cost significantly higher than a single win, place, or show bet.

Exotic wagers

On the other hand, exotic wagers allow the bettor to place their bets on more than one horse, giving the opportunity to spread their bets. Here are the most common sub-types of an exotic wager.


In this type of bet, you wager on two horses to finish the race in first and second place, and in the specific order that you will bet as.


A quinella bet is where you bet on two horses to come in the first and second place, but this time, they can finish in any order, and you will still win the bet.


Feeling like taking a bigger risk? Then bet trifecta, where you’ll bet who would win first, second, and third in the exact order.


Superfecta is where you bet on which horse would finish the race in the first, second, third, and fourth place, and they should all finish in the same exact order as you have bet on for you to win the wager.


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