Dogs and Intelligence. Pets that Make You Smarter

Posted on 21st June 2022

Dogs as a Pets that Make You Smarter

The relationship between dogs and humans is unique; our common history has, according to various sources, from 12 to 25 thousand years. Recently, neuroscientists have found that dogs can understand the intonation and meaning of the words of their owners, that they communicate with people not for food but for attention and positive emotions, and that they can recognize emotions on the faces of people they know and unfamiliar to them. In addition, the dogs were able to memorize “unnecessary” information and use it later when communicating with the owner. Take a look at the main arguments that prove dogs’ intelligence:

  • For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out whether dogs can count and do simple math problems. Like their human owners, dogs are great at counting—they can estimate the number of things in a group, like how many dogs are in the park.
  • Researchers have proven that dogs understand simple arithmetic. They used a method known as the best look, which had previously been used to test whether babies could count.
  • If we evaluate such indicators as obedience, adaptation, and motivation, the intelligence of dogs is equated with the performance of a child of 2.5 years (let’s be honest, when you consider obedience, many dogs are significantly ahead of toddlers in this). And arithmetic is only part of the capabilities of dogs.

What Are the Smartest Animals in the World?

Rats, dolphins, elephants, pigs – dozens of different animals claim to be the smartest. But there is still no certainty. The problem is that scientists still have a poor idea of what intelligence is and by what parameter it should be evaluated. Brain size, the ability to perform complex mathematical calculations, developed social skills that allow you to solve difficult problems together, the ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions and find your way out of intricate labyrinths, and speech are all possible criteria. However, there are animals in the world that, in some types of intellectual activity, are at least equal to humans and sometimes even surpass them. However, the intellectual abilities of dogs were very often overestimated by experimenters. For example, many scientists have noted that dogs were unusually good at solving simple physical puzzles, at times outperforming monkeys. At the same time, they did not pay attention to the fact that raccoons, hyenas, and some other relatives of dogs did just as well with these tests.

Can Dogs Think and Do They Have Intelligence?

Dogs are amazing creatures. They can be guides for blind people and lead them responsibly through noisy streets, helping to avoid obstacles and potentially dangerous places; dogs can be shepherds in remote mountain regions and bring stray sheep back to the flock, and can be excellent diagnosticians of dangerous diseases in humans. It seems that there is nothing in life that cannot be taught to a dog. According to the best essay writer, the dog is a very intelligent animal, rightfully called the most faithful friend of man. She is able to distinguish intonations and orders of human speech and to understand the meaning and meaning of words spoken by a person. This is a pack animal. The dog perceives the human family as its pack. The intelligence of a dog depends on the breed. The most intelligent breeds are Border Collies, Poodles, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers.

Dogs or Cats: Who Is Smarter?

Who is smarter, cats or dogs? If you have both a dog and a cat, you have probably seen a lot of situations in which the intelligence of animals manifested itself most clearly. Dogs, for example, are easily trained to follow commands. On the other hand, cats, which may not be as good at listening, can open doors and solve puzzles. Are dogs smarter than cats, or are cats smarter than dogs? As part of the study, scientists tried to determine the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex in certain carnivorous and omnivorous species: domestic dog, domestic cat, ferret, striped mongoose, raccoon, striped hyena, lion, and brown bear. Scientists also drew attention to another age-old question that everyone is interested in: who is smarter – dogs or cats. In fact, it is very difficult to check this because when cats are offered similar tasks, they get bored very quickly, and just walk away.



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