How Has WSOP Online Impacted the Poker Landscape?

Posted on 5th April 2022

The World Series of Poker is back, coming back for the 2022 season in May. But if you can’t wait that long, perhaps you should head to the WSOP Online tournaments instead. There are loads of chances for big wins there, where you can really test your skills. The WSOP Online has done a lot for players, so read our guide to see how the online poker space can help you.

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Created a fandom

The online aspect of WSOP Online has tapped into a large new fanbase: poker fans. Not so long ago there were no poker fans, only poker players. And they would be scattered. Your dad and his work buddies played and there was someone out there selling books as a pseudo-celebrity, but you could never remember their name.

But those were the days before the dial-up tone was embedded in our heads. Since then, online poker got a lot more popular and people around the world started talking about their favourite things to enjoy, and before we know it the WSOP Online is just one nugget of a vast fandom. One that is watching professional poker players like entertainers on Twitch from the GGPoker site, is playing poker in online tables, and is following all the action in vlogs, blogs, and everything else in between.

Chances to get good

The online poker space has also allowed a lot of new players to gain their sea legs. As mentioned, poker players tend to be scattered, and outside the internet space the game is still quite niche, so getting enough people around to play can be difficult.

Even if you were to set a regular game up with your pal once a week, you’d both get predictable quickly. A big part of poker is understanding your opponent, and you’re not going to test that by playing with the same opponent who was there through high school, college and wedding.

Online, people are matched up randomly, where you can work to figure out their styles and work around it. And with more chances to play at any point, as often as you wish, you will get practice. You’ll more easily learn odds, make decisions, and act out strategies.

A new wave of online players

And the proof is in the pudding. A lot of new poker players have stepped directly from the keyboard to the tournament tables and came out with a WSOP ring or bracelet.

The most famous example is Chris Moneymaker, who was playing poker online exclusively before earning his first WSOP bracelet in 2003 at the main event. He was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame and the concept of going from online poker to the pros tables the “Moneymaker Effect”.

And that was in 2003, so you can imagine how common playing online to get into the tournaments is nowadays. This season of the WSOP Circuits alone has loads, including the Bicycle Casino main event winner, Michael Jozoff.

Eliminates practicalities

The sad fact of the matter is that not everyone can get to Las Vegas, or even one of the many cities covered in North America on the WSOP Circuit.

The WSOP Online games allow new players, who are aiming for professionalism to stretch their legs and have a go at the big tables, minus the flight and the days off work. Players can practice with randomly assigned players, hone their skills, and then put them to the ultimate test on the WSOP Online games – and come out of it all with an enviable prize. And no need to pay for a flight home.

This creates a much wider and much more level playing field. Poker no longer needs to be a rich man’s game, but something that anyone can win if they have the skill and dedication.

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