New Livery Yard Managers Course Launched in Partnership with LiveryList

Posted on 21st March 2022

Lingfield Equine Distance Learning has launched an updated version of their Livery Yard Managers Course. The updated version, created in partnership with from Cheryl Johns of LiveryList, is accredited by UK Rural Skills as a recognised qualification. This course is aimed at the professional Livery Yard Owner/Manager. 

The course can be used as professional CPD / Training & Education and expenses and fees can therefore be claimed against tax. The fee will be aligned within the current Lingfield Intermediate Diploma programmes – between £345 – £410.

The course gives a structured learning path for new or established yard managers on following best practice welfare and workplace guidelines;  it also aims to raise standards beyond that which is required or expected of the average yard;  they generally retain a small employee/employer ratio, yet have various policies in place such as is required by Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) with larger workforces.  They follow practices and guidelines above and beyond requirements even though the size of their SME means that legally they may not be required so to do.

The new course is preparatory to the course being used as an industry marker and standard for those running professional yards who are looking for a ‘professional accredited course’.  It will be a guide for the general public and a standard by which we can all work together to improve Livery Yards.

The partnership between Lingfield Equine Distance Learning and Livery List provides the perfect combination for yard managers to:

  • Increase profitability using better business practices
  • Connect with other professionals locally & nationally
  • Gain skills to handle client debtors, equality, safeguarding etc.
  • Upskill and develop new marketing strategies
  • Strengthen your brand : Become the lead yard in your area

The new course will provide a guide for the general public and a standard by which we can all work together to improve Livery Yards in the UK.

Link to current Livery Yard Managers course

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