The Most Famous Riding Schools in the UK

Posted on 17th October 2017

You have to love horses to think of riding one and this goes further to pursue equestrian. Their cognitive abilities drive them to be among the best animals to rear and ride. There are schools in the UK that provide you the chance to learn and grow your horse riding skills.

As a student, they expose you to vast competitions where you compete for horse riding championship. Study at one of these schools to stand a chance of winning.


Hanford gives you a chance to take part in sports after afternoon classes to engage both the mind and body. Girls studying in this UK based school smile each time they take a morning break to check out the ponies to ride after classes.

The best part is they have a chance to interact with various horses and groom them in their stables. It is with an added advantage of its qualified coaches to help you ride depending on ability, weather, and the time of the year.

To apply to the best horse racing schools in the UK, you need to write a personal statement so that your application is considered. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do this correctly and it’s not often that you get the opportunity to enter a racing school. So, the wise thing to do in this situation is to use third-party help and use Edubirdie. Using this service for personal statement, students can fulfill their dream of entering a good riding school in the best universities and be a sports hero.

The Elms School

The Elms School hosts tetrathlon competitions and engages its students with horse riding events. It ranks among the best because of its exemplary work of involving you in trail hunting alongside engaging in its competitive games.

Students taking horse riding learn how to manage their ponies daily by taking care of them. You have a chance to take one of the 20 ponies on a cross-country ride or showjumping to your fulfillment.

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Sandroyd helps you combine horse riding passion and balancing schoolwork. Its 70-acre piece of land hosts your pony’s stables and riding fields to sustain both of you throughout the learning period. You learn from the best couches who take you through the tricks of showjumping and horse management.

You find the sport amazing while riding your horse through the school’s cross-country course. It is even better because it involves you in numerous competitive competitions from everywhere like horseback riding venues in USA.

Queen Margaret’s York

Queen Margaret’s York is yet another equestrian school-offering girl a lifetime of opportunities riding horses. You learn beginning from individual levels until fit to join a group from the best couches. They teach you dressage code, tricks of show jumping in cross-countries.

It stands out from the rest by teaching you Gymkhana skills to act as an added advantage during competitions. You attend horse-riding events across the UK and engage in event circuiting. It prioritizes your sportsmanship but still maintains the fun of riding within.


Millfield is the greatest among the best horse riding schools in the UK. You have a chance to interact and learn from a variety of experienced couches to guide you in winning the most competitive horse riding competitions. It is alongside taking care of the well-being of the horse right from the bright stables to ensure each day shines to productivity.

You have vast opportunities to pick from its over 60 resident horses to take out on the school’s cross-country field. Student riding takes you through flood pits on outdoor manages.


Stowe allows you to use your pony to learn and grow in horse riding with it after securing space on time. It gives you an open ground free from destruction by bad weather for an easy time riding through cross-country fences.

You experience a historical adventure on horseback seeing the ducal palace and various historical features in the UK. It best suits if you like discovering new things as it enhances the sport.


Riding horses in the UK is a tradition that is never better without the right knowledge and skills. It needs you to learn from the best to be among the best horse riders the world has ever known. Each of the above schools has its unique advantages to give you an outstanding experience. Grab your chance by enrolling in any of the above equestrian schools to pursue your horse riding dreams.

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