Tips On Making Better Bets on Horse Racing

Posted on 30th July 2016

Did you know that despite horse racing as one of the most popular sports, it is not one of the top sports in terms of audience numbers? The truth is that horse racing’s appeal and popularity are not more on the thrill of watching the game itself or the extreme popularity of the horses or the trainers or jockeys but rather the thrill of betting on it.

Thus, bookmakers take advantage of this by giving bettors for horse racing attractive offers, special bonuses, and huge discounts. You can check on review sites like Efirbet, which gives the opportunity of the best deals for horse betting by taking a look at the website for punters to bet on.

But before that, here are the top tips on making better bets on horse racing.

Do your homework

As with all other sports that you can bet on, betting on a horse race also requires you to do proper homework, at least if you want to bet competitively and attempt to profit from your wagers.

Did you that out of the tens of thousands of bets being placed for horse racing events, only a very small percentage were placed with a strategy and research behind it? The majority of the sport’s bettors are still not backing their bets with enough information about the race or at least about the sport.

For starters, make it a habit to at least take a glance at the race form. The race form does not help you which horse you should bet on, but rather it contains every information about the race–the location, the time, the field condition, the participating horses, the jockeys and the trainers, and even the color of the shirts for each participating jockey. It also usually contains the odds for each participating horses.

Once you’ve learned how to read all of the information on a race form as quickly as possible, you will have a deeper understanding of the race and thus will help you make a better bet.

Spread your bets

As a beginner, the easiest and simplest bet you can make is the win bet–where you will bet on which horse you think would win the race. However, did you know that you can still make more bets other than the simple win bet? Yes, you can, and you need to spread your bets across different types if you want to maximize your profit opportunities. You can also bet on a place, a show, or a straight combo wager called “across the board” bet, which combines bets of win, place, and show.

Aside from straight bets, there are also what is called exotic wagers. These types of bet allow you to wager on more than one horse. You can bet on which two horses would win the first and second place in the exact order, or you can bet on which would place in the said position in any order.

Shop around

Shop for the odds. This can be one daunting and confusing task back in the day of in-person sports betting, as you would need to physically go around and look for the different odds for each bookmaker and see which one offers odds that can give you a bigger profit. However, with online sports betting, shopping around for odds can be as easy as switching between websites or mobile phone applications.

Don’t bet on every race

While it is true that the more bets you place, the more chances you will win one or more bets, not bet on every race. This is because not every race has odds that pay a fair amount. Sometimes, races can offer odds that seem to be not worth betting at all. Either way, remember this: a bettor who bets on more than once race is already ahead of those who only bet on one race.


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