Virtual Horse Races: How Do They Work?

Posted on 30th July 2016

The recent events across the world have caused huge disruption across the Virtual sporting leagues and events have been a thing for several years now, with popular sports featured in virtual games like football, tennis, F1 car racing, and horse racing. With the recent turn of events that led to numerous community restrictions, the world saw a series of cancellations and postponement of sporting events that have never happened in the most recent years. Two things happened along with these cancellations: there were no sports on a play and thus nothing for fans to watch, and it also meant that there was nothing for sports bettors to bet on. Luckily for the bettors, there is what is called virtual games to keep them occupied while the real-life games are still out.

Naturally, bookmakers have taken advantage of the sudden surge in demand for virtual games. Although there have been bookmakers who have been offering virtual game betting in the past, more bookies have now supported virtual sports betting to gain more customers or get their old ones back. Check out the best bookmakers that are offering virtual games betting on Nostrabet for the best recommendations, tips, reviews, and bookie ratings.

Talking about virtual; betting, there is also a virtual horse racing going on through a lot of online sports bookmakers. Here are some of the most important things you need to know about virtual horse racing.

How virtual horse races work

Virtual horse races allow punters and bettors to bet on virtual games all day, as there are always virtual races happening with only an interval of three to five minutes apart. This is one of the biggest differences of a virtual race as compared to real ones as you can have endless race players and bet on for a single day, unlike real-life races that are only taking place at least once a year (per league or championship cup).

The goal of virtual horse racing is to emulate the whole horse racing, watching and betting experience as close to the real things as possible. The software was developed with an algorithm with the statistics and the probability for each horse and jockey programmed. The game itself runs under an algorithm called random number generator or RNG. RNG is the main thing responsible for the randomized results of the game. However, the stats and probability for each horse is always put into consideration, too.

With the help of modern technology, virtual horse racing is now as real as it could get from a real-life horse race itself. Now, virtual horse races re complete with commentaries in the game and the graphics have greatly improved and are way more realistic than it was several years ago.

Why should you bet on a virtual horse race?

There are many good reasons you should start betting on a virtual horse race, but perhaps one of the top reasons is that it never stops. Like what was already mentioned, virtual horse races are played all day with just an interval of three to five minutes. This means that unlikely real-0ligfe horse race betting, you can bet on virtual horse races all day, any time of the day, and anywhere you may be–you have the complete freedom on betting!

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, virtual horse racing can never replace a real horse race event. However, it can serve as the best alternative to the real thing, especially in times like today that most games, if not all, have either been postponed or canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

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