Why people are choosing to play the lottery online

Posted on 26th September 2021

Over the decades, lotteries have existed as a paper-based method where players went to their local stores, queued, and purchased a ticket. People would practice the lottery at weekly intervals, but queuing became a thing of the past with time. With such a busy world, gamers look for convenience and easy ways to make money at home. Poles no longer waste time in traffic or even spend on fares to access various games. 

Technology has transformed the world by bringing lotteries into the palm of our hands. With a mobile phone, PC, and high-speed internet, we can play online lottery games anywhere, anytime. There are more reasons why people are choosing to play the lottery online. Our expert Jacek Michalski gives full details on why people play the lottery online.

It is fun and easy to play the lottery online

Walking on a sunny or rainy day to the lottery store to collect a lottery ticket can be daunting. The online lottery platforms are in plenty and allow gamers to choose their favorite. Most of them offer promotions and bonuses in the form of raffle tickets. Players can easily set up automated number draws using an online account. 

It only takes a short time, and any player can add the activity to their bucket list. Polish players only need najlepsze kasyno online to help them land on a genuine casino.


Online casinos have spread like bushfires in Poland due to advancements in technology. An online lottery is similar to online casinos since both can be accessed using a phone and the internet. At the convenience of a couch, gamers can purchase their tickets, browse through the jackpots, and try their luck. Mobility is the primary reason why people play the online lottery.

More lotteries

The world lottery online offers a plethora of lotteries to choose from. Lotto is one of the strongest brands in the Polish market, and statistics have it that about 60% of the Polish population plays Totalizator Sportowy games. Popular lotteries in Poland include Duzey Lotek and the Polish lotto. There are many online platforms to choose from, and gamers can choose those that suit their preferences and tastes.


Even though it is hard to determine how many people play the lottery, gamers find it surprising how little it costs to play and win from the biggest lotteries in the world. For a price of coffee, gamers grab a ticket from suitable online lotteries that puts them in a draw. If the token matches the lucky number, a player may end up winning big.

It’s convenient

Online lotteries are convenient in several ways. Players enjoy flexibility while playing as they can play anytime, anywhere. Gamers can buy different tickets in the comfort of their home for a brief period. Online platforms save bus fares money and time gamblers could have used to travel to lottery stores. 

In addition, players no longer wait for a game to end; they can buy as many tickets as possible anytime. Those players who misplaced their tickets speak another language since the rollout of online lotteries. The online platform helps gamblers to track their gambling history on the website. Some platforms email consumers with a link after they purchase a ticket on their website.

Secure online payments

Unlike traditional lottery shops where gamers can buy their tickets using real cash and deposit, online lotteries do not require gamers to pay in cash. There are multiple online payment options to deposit to the online lottery account, such as credit cards and e-Wallets. Online lotteries work under strict regulations from the Polish government. The presence of a regulatory firm guarantees the safety of gambler’s winnings.

Fewer people and minor disturbance

Most lottery shops are crowded and noisy. When the world is experiencing a deadly virus, online platforms are the best alternative during a time like this. Online lotteries have saved nagging issues such as gamers willing or unwilling to converse with you. Today, things are easy and comfortable with online lotteries. A gamer needs to find a place for their convenience and purchase their tickets.

Online lotteries have profoundly contributed to the change in gambling. With a mobile phone, PC, and internet, gamers can access a plethora of online lotteries. The online platforms are more convenient than ever, and gamers have flocked to sites to try their luck.


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