Posted on 1st May 2020

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Below you will find various templates and other associated documents and information sheets all on the topic of biosecurity and disease prevention. Due to several recent outbreaks of equine disease that have affected the industry on a national scale, biosecurity is becoming increasingly commonplace in yards across the UK. Below is information to help you understand, plan ane implement biosecurity procedures in your yard. These are free to download and have been sourced from leading equestrian companies, charities and associations.


Redwings #StampOutStrangles Advice and Guidance

Infectious Disease Yard Agreement Template – in conjunction with

Strangles Information Pack (Redwings)

Isolation Guidelines (Redwings)

Isolation Checklist (Redwings)

Quarantine Protocol (Redwings)

Isolation Notice (Redwings)

Events Guidance (Redwings)

Strangles- Are You Covered? (Redwings)

Additional Strangles Information, Guidelines and Resources can be found on the Redwings Strangles Hub


Other Strangles and Infectious Disease Guidance

Principles of Biosecurity (XL Equine)

Checklist for Equine Health (AHT)

Biosecurity Risk Assessment (Your Horse)

Disease Prevention Assessment (KBHH)

Don’t Infect, Protect POSTER (KBHH)

Equine Influenza Protocol POSTER (AHT)

Disease Risks from Abroad (XL Equine)

Isolation Set Up Guide (KBHH)

New Arrivals Protocol (KBHH)

Blood Testing (XL Equines)

‘Flu and Tetanus Vaccinations (BHS)

Strangles Event Steps (Redwings)

Prevention and Outbreak

Disease Prevention Steps POSTER (BHS)

Attending Equine Events (AHT)

Biosecurity Steps (AHT)

Dealing with a Disease Outbreak (KBHH)

Disease Outbreak Control Protocol (KBHH)

Preventing Equine Contagious Diseases (XL Equine)

STEPS – Steps to Eradicate and Prevent Strangles (BHS)

Infectious Diseases General Information

Infectious Disease and vaccinations (KBHH)

Infectious Diseases (Redwings)



You can also find additional Veterinary Advice and Resources here:


You may also find the following articles of interest:

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LiveryList Guide to… Disease Prevention on Your Yard



This information and templates as provided above are intended to provide guidance only. Anyone proposing to enter into such written agreements, or to undertake action based upon the information herein should take consideration and their own legal or professional advice as to their particular circumstances.

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