Posted on 1st May 2020

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By law, an employer must provide a written ‘Statement of the Main Terms and Conditions of Employment’ before, or on, the start date of employment. This will be your written contract with the employee. As a legally binding document, it is important to ensure your employment contracts are correct and cover all of the necessary obligations as a lawyer. After all, there can be serious consequences if your employment contracts do not adequately cover yourself or your staff. Whilst you will find templates for basic employment contracts online, it is best to have a bespoke, professional, and detailed contract created specifically for your business and your employees. 

EEA Employment Contract

Create a bespoke Employment Contract with the Equestrian Employers Association. The EEA Contract Creator is an easy to follow, five-stage process, where you can select options and upload your own company logo to create a Written Statement of Employment Particulars.

The Contract Creator will give you the peace of mind that you are complying with legislation and that your contracts have the most up to date legal details and also include equestrian specific options. The Contract Creator is compliant with English and Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish law and includes the option to create a version for an Apprentice.

Additional Employment Documents and Resources including government and HMRC Information, health and safety in the workplace, apprenticeships and many more resources and information on the topic of Employment can be found following the link below. 

All documentation and guidance relating to employment Health and Safety can be found here:



This information and templates as provided above are intended to provide guidance and areas for consideration for those intending to enter into such arrangements. Anyone proposing to enter into such a written agreement should take consideration and their own legal or professional advice as to their particular circumstances.

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