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Below you will find various templates and other associated documents and information sheets all on a range of veterinary and equine management topics. There are numerous resources online for veterinary and equine health, so this has been condensed to the most common illnesses, biosecurity and those which can be affected by the management of a yard or its pasture. These are free to download and have been sourced from leading equestrian companies, charities and associations.

These resources are available free of charge to all, and always will be. All we ask is that if you use any of the documentation, or find the information contained herein useful, please consider adding your yard to LiveryList, and/ or making a secure donation to help cover the work and research that goes into providing these resources:

General Health Considerations and Management

Checklist for Equine Health (NEWC)

Checklist for Equine Health (AHT)

Equine Body Condition Scoring Chart (Redwings)

General Wellbeing Guide (KBHH)

Assessing Quality of Life for Horses


Equine First Aid

Basic Equine First Aid (Blue Cross)

First Aid Management of Wounds (XL Equine)

Wound Wisdom (Redwings)

Competition First Aid (Scottish Rider)


Biosecurity and Disease Prevention

All Guidance and templates relating to Biosecurity can be found here:

‘Flu and Tetanus Vaccinations (BHS)

Other Vaccinations (XL Equine)



Guidance and Information in relation to worming routines can be found here:


Euthanasia and Older Equines

Detailed information on the care of older equines, and euthanasia choices can be found here:

End of life choices forms can be found here:


Weight Management

How to Know if Your Horse is the Right Weight (WHW)

Getting the Right Nutrition (KBHH)

Obesity (XL Equine)

Lightening the Load (Redwings)

When the Grass is Greener (UOL)


Common Illnesses and Afflictions

Acorn Poisoning (XL Equine)

Allergic Reactions in Skin (XL Equine)

Allergies and Your Horse (SEMITEST)

Atypical Myopathy (XL Equine)

Atypical Myopathy Leaflet (BHS)

Arthritis (XL Equine)

Azoturia (XL Equine)

Bots in Horses (Westgate Labs)

Choke (XL Equine)

Advice on Colic (BHS)

Colic (XL Equine)

Colic (DVS)

Cushings (XL Equine)

Diaorrhea (XL Equine)

Eye Injury and Disease (XL Equine)

Fractures (XL Equine)

Gastric Ulcer Information (Merial)

Grass Sickness (XL Equine)

Headshaking (XL Equine)

Laminitis Leaflet (Redwings)

Laminitis (XL Equine)

Parasite Control (KBHH)

Pastern Dermatitis (XL Equine)

Rain Scald (XL Equine)

Ringworm (XL Equine)

Sarcoids (XL Equine)

Sheath Care for Geldings (XL Equine)

Sweet Itch (XL Equine)

Tetanus (XL Equine)

Ticks and Their Removal 


Hoof Problems

Bruised Sole (XL Equine)

Foot Abscess (XL Equine)

Hoof Cracks (XL Equine)

Nail Bind (XL Equine)

Penetrating Foot Wounds (XL Equine)

Remedial Farriery (XL Equine)


Farriery and Teeth Care

Detailed information on the routine management of teeth and hoof care can be found here:


Pain Management and Medication

Antibiotics (XL Equine)

Protect Me- safeguarding Antibiotics (BEVA)

Treating Pain in Your Horse at Home (Bell Equine)

Nerve and Joint Blocks (XL Equine)

Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs (XL Equine)

Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy (XL Equine)

Steroids (XL Equine)


You may also find the following articles of interest:

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This information and templates as provided above are intended to provide guidance only. Anyone proposing to enter into such written agreements, or to undertake action based upon the information herein should take consideration and their own legal or professional advice as to their particular circumstances.

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