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MAIN ARTICLE AND RESOURCES » Welfare Responsibilities and Legislation

Below you will find various templates and other associated documents and information sheets all current, applicable legislation to owners and managers of equestrian establishments. These are free to download and have been sourced from government resources, and leading equestrian welfare associations.


Legislation and General Responsibilities 

Livery Yard Guidance (CIEH)

Equine Industry Welfare Compendium (NEWC)

The Animal Welfare Regulations 2019 (UK Gov)

Riding Establishment Act (RCVS)


Passports and Equine Identification Laws

Detailed information on the new regulations and responsibilities for horse passports can be found here:


Welfare in Keeping Horses

Code of Equine Welfare Practice (DEFRA)

Checklist for Equine Health (NEWC)

Assessing Quality of Life for Horses

Cut Costs, Not Care (NEWC)

Online Course in Welfare, Legislation, and Behaviour (Horse Trust)


Weight Management

Equine Body Condition Scoring Chart (Redwings)

Additional information on obesity and weight management can be found here:


The Older or Retired Horse

Care of the Companion Horse (Blue Cross)

Caring for the Older Horse (KBHH)

Caring for the Older Horse (XL Equine)

Retiring Equines (Redwings)

Responsible Rehoming (NEWC)

Advice on Euthanasia (BHS)

The Importance of Euthanasia Planning (XL Equine)

Euthanasia, Just in Case- Fact Sheet (WHW)

Best Practice for Veterinary Surgeons When Considering Euthanasia on Humane Grounds (BEVA)

End of life choices forms can be found here:


Abandonment Guidance and Process

Abandonment Notice Template 

Abandonment Guidance (Redwings)


Practical Management 

Stabling and Livery (Blue Cross)

The Field Kept Horse (Blue Cross)

General Wellbeing Guide (KBHH)

‘Flu and Tetanus Vaccinations (BHS)

Caring for Your Horses Feet (KBHH)

Basic Farriery and Foot Balance (Redwings)

Hoofcare and Farriery (Redwings)

No Pain, Check Again – Dental Guidance (BHS)

Caring for Your Horses Teeth (KBHH)

Caring for Your Horses Teeth (BEVA)

Equine Dentistry Routine Care (XL equine)

Getting the Right Nutrition (KBHH)

Grazing Muzzle Guidance (NEWC)

Enrichment for Horses on Box Rest (EBTA)

Caring for your Mare and Foal (KBHH)

Care of the Pregnant Mare (XL Equine)


Veterinary Issues

All Guidance and templates relating to common or management related Veterinary Issues can be found here:


Biosecurity and Disease Prevention

All Guidance and templates relating to Biosecurity can be found here:



Worming Fact Sheet (Westgate Labs)

Worm Counts for Your Yard (Westgate Labs)

Worming and Pasture Management (XL Equine)

Advice on Worm Control (BHS)


Running Events

Code of Practice- Event Welfare


You may also find the following articles of interest:

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This information and templates as provided above are intended to provide guidance only. Anyone proposing to enter into such written agreements, or to undertake action based upon the information herein should take consideration and their own legal or professional advice as to their particular circumstances.

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