Find and Retrain an Ex-Racehorse with ROR Reg Trainer

Find and retrain an ex-racehorse with a ROR registered re-trainer

Thoroughbred race-horses are beautiful and meticulously bred athletes. When they leave racing in need of a caring new home and a second career, they seem like a comparatively cheap option for many riders.

New owners can buy ‘a lot of horse’ and can often find themselves out of their depth.

Choosing an ex-racehorse can be fraught with problems for all but the most experienced.

Temperament, confirmation, physiology, physical and mental health must be carefully assessed keeping in mind the experience of the would-be rider and the intended work. The horse will then need to be trained for their new job.

Having retrained horses for disciplines including polo, dressage, jumping, and eventing (and helped many owners with rehab and behavioral challenges) we have the experience and facilities to help you.

We can offer a competitive ‘find and retrain’ package that will match the horse with a new rider and set both on course for a wonderful new equestrian adventure, suitable for both in the partnership. Finders fees are forgiven when new owners book a three-month retraining package. We can also provide grass livery if your new horse needs some downtime before e-training.


Why not read our client testimonials, call for a chat and come and visit to see for yourself?

Call Kate on 07717400548 to discuss your requirements and follow the links below for images and video.  or

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