Lincoln Equine Retirement Care

Here at Lincoln Equine Retirement Care, our top priority is your horse’s wellbeing. Each horse is treated as the individual character they are, with their health and social requirements always considered crucial to overall happiness and quality of life. Our small team of highly experienced staff adapt management where required for every horse. It may be that your horse is laminitic and requires careful weight management. Perhaps your horse has a neurological condition and displays unusual behaviour. Or maybe they are suffering with arthritic changes and need constant low impact movement to remain comfortable. Whatever the reason your horse has retired, we can manage and monitor the condition while reporting changes to you and adapting the care plan where required.

Our residents are kept at grass on ancient established turf which drains well and provides a good footing all year round. Horses are kept happy in small herds, where they bond with friends and enjoy the freedom that comes with space to roam and good company. We monitor herd dynamics on a daily basis and are careful not to introduce any horses whose character may upset the balance too far. If any horse is being bullied in our herds, we remove the bully to restore peace in the herd.

Each horse receives a minimum of twice daily (sometimes three times) checks, which include a full top to toe inspection for injuries, swellings, eye check, nasal check, hoof check, weight / crest assessment etc. Also, a movement assessment and a demeanour assessment. We take care to spend time with each horse every day, as this is fundamental to knowing the horse and being able to pick up on small changes which could be signs of bigger problems. Small changes are never ignored.

As an owner, you will receive regular updates on your horse, including photos and videos. Any change in your horse, be it a health change (improvement or decline) or a noticeable change in character and demeanour will be reported and discussed with you. We are always keen to inform and involve owners with decisions relating to their horse’s care, as often these conversations can prompt you to provide us with information that can improve the care and management of your horse.

Mostly the updates we provide to owners are to confirm your horse is well and enjoying life with friends. Sometimes we might get a funny video of your horse having a YE-HA round the field with his/her buddies, or maybe we’ll catch them snoring in the sunshine. The daily life and care of these horses is always a joy to us, and we are always happy to share the wonderful moments that make this job so special and worthwhile.


The quality of your horse’s life is our absolute priority. We are very experienced in elderly equine care and the associated health issues that come with a slow decline into old age. While we strive to give your horse the very best specialist care that we can provide, there will come a time when we feel that your horse will not do well through one more winter. When we consider your horses future, we look at the whole picture. This includes the time of year, mobility, dental health, weight maintenance, respiratory health, skin condition, hoof condition and growth, any decline in existing health issues, social status in the herd, prospect of improved health and many other factors. If we feel the time is approaching to say goodbye to your friend, we will talk to you about this in good time. We promise to give you plenty of time to process the decision, and to come and spend some time with your friend. Hopefully in the sunshine with plenty of carrots. Ellen is personally available to talk you through the process and support you throughout the whole journey. We can organise the vet and the transport, and make sure your wishes and followed whether you choose to have the ashes back or not. You can leave all of this to us, and of course you are welcome to be present with Ellen and vet on the day. This is always a very personal journey, and we will support you in any way you feel is right for you and your horse.

When the time comes, we have a method that we follow for every horse. Until your horses last breath, we put them first. They will be calm and relaxed with friends around them, and they just go to sleep, surrounded by love and compassion.

  • Full Livery
  • Grass Livery
  • Natural Livery
  • Rehabilitation Livery
  • Retirement Livery
  • Dog Friendly
  • Car Parking
  • No Smoking Policy
  • CCTV Security
  • Auto Waterers- Fields
  • Natural Shelter
  • Grazing- 24/7 Summer Availability
  • Grazing- Available Year Round
  • Hardstanding Areas
  • Grazing- Mixed Herds
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Field Shelters
  • Hacking- Quiet Lanes
  • Poo Picking
  • Worming Programme
  • Regular Visits- Farrier
  • Regular Visits- Dentist
  • Regular Visits- Vet
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • Yard Manager

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Contact Name: Ms Ellen Chapman

Contact Number: 07946 302959

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