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Yard Category: Grass Livery, Holiday/ Short Term Livery, Natural Livery, Rehabilitation Livery, and Retirement LiveryYard Tags: aged, barn, carmarthen, Experienced, Farm, friendly, Grass livery, grazing, herd, Horses, livery wales, natural, natural Livery, off-road, quality, quite yard, rehab livery, Retirement Livery, retirement livery wales, roomy, safe, senior, stables, transport, veteran livery, and welsh

Livery Details
Livery Details
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  • Lovely private, friendly yard for senior or convalescing horses in the Welsh hills

    300 acres of quality grazing in large blocks of 9-18 acres, giving horses loads of room to graze and exercise, with plenty of natural shelters, lovely rolling hills keeping the horses fit, and big high hedges for natural shelter, with fresh water bubbling from the stream down through our valley. Isolation fields are available for laminitics.

    Small groups  (no more than 5 per barn for housing) in huge airy barns with an equally huge turnout area for each barn with Carprite in turnout area for all around comfort for rolling, and relaxing or just enjoying the fresh air. We also have single stables, stocks and a hot horse shower for additional use.

    The horses have medicated deep hemp beds to ensure maximum comfort (cleaned twice daily) and homemade top quality ad-lib haylage (top spec, and high fibre) as well as access to vitamin and mineral blocks, helping their general health. Regular grooming, massage and footcare, as standard. Worm counts done here on site, worming and regular trims included

    We have the advantage of having our own Transport business Rockfield Horse Transport so can take all of the work out of moving your horse, and if your horse needed a vet visit any time of day or night, we can waste no time and get your horse to a vet immediately.

    We can accomondate any horse plan to suit you (sorry no room for stallions at this point)

    Please ensure that your horse is vaccinated up to date and screened clear of Strangles, to avoid dissapointment

    Visitors welcome to come and see our Farm,  just give us a call to make sure we are on the yard

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  • Yard Facilities:
    • • Stabling- Indoor
    • • Stabling- Outdoor
    • • Stabling- American Barn
    • • Grazing- Same Sex Herds
    • • Grazing- Mixed Herds
    • • Grazing - Individual Paddocks
    • • All Weather Turnout Area
    • • Natural Shelter
    • • Auto Waterers- Stables
    • • Auto Waterers- Fields
    • • Wash Down Area
    • • Hot Wash Shower
    • • Covered Grooming Bays
    • • Laundry or Rug Wash Facilities
    • • CCTV Security
    • • Security Lighting
    • • No Smoking Policy
  • Yard Services:
    • • Yard Manager
    • • 24 Hour Supervision
    • • Regular Visits- Vet
    • • Regular Visits- Dentist
    • • Regular Visits- Farrier
    • • Regular Visits- Equine Body Workers
    • • Worming Programme
    • • Assisted Services
    • • Clipping and Grooming Services
    • • Transport Available
    • • Feed and Bedding Delivered to Yard
    • • Rug Washing On Site