How to Choose the Best Horse-Riding School

Posted on 11th August 2019

Any reputable horse-riding school is going to teach you more than just saddling a horse. You will also learn how to stay on a horse’s back properly, how to bridle a horse, proper grooming practices, equine anatomy, and more.

A rider also learns the basics so that they can get things right from the start. However, gaining the right experience requires you to get into a good riding school.

Unfortunately, all schools are not equal, and some might be expensive yet fail to give value for money. Going to a god school is also essential if you want to take the love of riding horses further and become an equestrian. Below you will find some guidelines on what to look for in a riding school to have a better chance of learning and growing your horse riding skills.

Look for a Qualified Instructor

A highly experienced horse riding instructor will have more knowledge and skills to offer than just starting in the business. If they are recognized by the relevant bodies, including your local area, they have a high chance of making your riding experience fun and safe. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor where they got their credentials and how long they have been an instructor. You want an instructor you can learn from and get along with.

Check the School’s Ratings and Reviews

Reviews, ratings, and testimonials from other students can give you a clue about the kind of experience you are likely to have. Your ideal school should be licensed and have numerous positive reviews. It should also be highly rated by the local community. Ensure the riding school is licensed as it proofs they are professional and have qualified instructors. You can even take a step further and look them up on the ABRS or BHS website.

A licensed school will provide the necessary safety credentials and insurance that cover the riders if something goes wrong. Note that, just as you would use ratings, testimonials, and reviews to hire someone who can write essays for money, so should use the same meticulous process to choose your ideal riding school.

What Categories of Lessons They Offer

The best school will offer a broad category of lessons not to have to look for another one once you want to move to another section.  Most accredited schools will divide the riding classes into:

·         Beginner;

·         Intermediate;

·         Advance.

Knowing what to expect when you start each lesson will help you decide whether it fits your needs. After learning the basics, you might find that you are more passionate about horse riding, which motivates you to pursue any equestrian discipline or grow your knowledge and skills until you can complete at the Olympics. Some schools have horse sports or competition from beginner to advanced level.


Do any of your friends or classmates go to a specific riding school? Ask them about their experience and which school they would recommend. In case you don’t know anyone who takes riding lessons, then the internet is your next best option. Research online to find a riding school near you. Browse their website and choose your top three. Next, visit the place in person so that you can ascertain what they offer. You can even book one lesson to gauge whether their teaching style matches what you want to learn.

Go as a Group or Individual

Sometimes parents want all their children to join a riding school at the same time. Others prefer their kids to learn as a group, while some want individual lessons. Check to see whether the school you want has classes for different age groups or a rider’s skills.

This is crucial because some students are learning riding for the first time while others want to brush their skills. There is no need to pay for money to learn what you already know. Remember, teaching kids of a certain age may require more focus than others. Some learners thrive better when in a group where they can talk and socialize with others. Group options are cost-effective options as long as the school provides all the equipment and the horse.

As equestrian sports continue to grow, it builds strong associations with dressage, driving, endurance competition, and flat racing. Apart from competing at a professional level, students can opt to join an equestrian centre because of the immense benefits of horse riding. While there are many riding schools across the world, the one you settle for should be approved by the relevant bodies and have trained staff who will ensure a rider has a memorable experience.



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