The ideal smartphone apps for horse lovers in 2021

Posted on 20th December 2021

The world has embraced technology and the innovation we are continually exposed to at the moment. As a result, smartphone apps have become an integral part of many peoples’ lives. Some of us use an app to conduct banking enquiries, while others turn to a mobile application to book a holiday or to find love.

With most facets of society catered for in terms of apps, horse lovers also have a variety of smartphone apps capable of providing a number of different benefits. Whether you’re an owner or a rider, there are many creations that can improve training, track your riding, help keep you safe, and even tell if your horse is in pain. The options are impressively vast.

Thanks to the powerful smartphone devices we have access to in 2021, the apps which come with them have shown dramatic improvements. As such, alongside sending Tweets or playing Fortnite, we can now download a selection of apps within a matter of seconds. Some are better than others, though. The same applies in the horse riding world, with a number of apps offering something truly unique, while others fail to really hit the mark.

The world of horses is changing. Technology means that the industry is adopting new approaches to equine health, training and racing. Seismic changes might transform the way we think about horses, with, for example, the roll-out of virtual online horse racing being called a digital revolution. Just a few weeks ago, a start-up, Zed Run, received millions of dollars in funding for its virtual horse training and racing simulations.

We might dismiss some technology as faddish and embrace traditional methods, but there are some great ways tech can help equine lovers, including apps.

If you’re an owner, a rider, or you simply adore horses, here is a look at some of the best smartphone apps for horse lovers right now.


 Whether you’re keen to master your schooling sessions after finding a yard or you simply want to track your training and progress in a detailed way, then Equilab could be for you. The app helps you track various aspects of your training with details such as gait distribution, speed, and strides per minute all recorded in real-time. Equilab also provides feedback on your route and distance on hacks, while boasting a useful safety tracking feature you can share with friends and family so they know exactly where you are.


Helping you monitor the health of your horse, Trackener is a popular app within the community. Trackener provides a detailed insight into the likes of the anxiety levels in your horse, while also paying close attention to your horse’s overall health, activity, movements, location, heart rate, behaviour, and a lot more. With real-time alerts and a detailed analysis of your horse’s life, Trackener is a fantastic option.

Grooms Go To

 Launched by Daniel Deusser’s groom Sean Lynch, Grooms Go To helps you locate the nearest stabling and vet clinics in your area. The app even helps users record important pieces of information around the likes of your horse’s vaccinations, any paperwork you have previously submitted, any flights and ferries you have booked, and plenty more. Having you covered with everything from plaiting to travelling, Grooms Go To is a solid app.

OS Maps

 Discover the best routes possible and never get lost with the OS Maps app, the official creation from Ordnance Survey. OS Maps comes with an integrated GPS tracker, while also enabling users to locate local bridleways and plan any routes before setting off.


An app capable of saving you and your horse’s life, What3Words has received a lot of plaudits of late, and it’s easy to see why. The app cleverly turns your GPS location into a three-word address. As a result, anyone with an internet connection can then determine your location and know where you are at all times, which is especially useful in an emergency situation.

Other smartphone apps for horse lovers are Horse Side Vet Guide, TestPro British Dressage, EquiRatings Eventing Manager, TestPro British Eventing, and Equus Note.

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