Virtual Horse Racing Games At Online Casinos

Posted on 22nd July 2018

Today we are going to discuss and reveal all you need to know about virtual horse racing games. What are these games and how do they work? It is definitely an interesting and even impressive topic you need to know about and maybe you will want to bet on these games. Keep in mind that these games are very popular in the UK. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Virtual Horse Racing: What is It?

In order to understand these games, you need to understand actual or real horse racing. At an online casino, you will place a bet on a real horse and a jockey who will race. If they are first or they match your bet you will win money. But, you are betting on a live, real horse and a real jockey. In virtual horse racing, you are betting on a simulation. You can still see different horses and you can see their success rate. But, the outcome is determined by the RNG which is extremely sophisticated in this case and it will calculate the odds of each horse in the game.

These games may be hard to find but they are widely offered at all casinos. You can find them at other games or similar sections at the casino. Just keep in mind that you need to check out the online casino review first and then place a bet. Your mission is to choose the best site to bet on virtual horses. Most players like betting at free £5 no deposit casinos due to the fact they get free money to use on the games and they can use other promotions as well. These casinos have been extremely popular in the United Kingdom. Sadly, there are not a lot of them so you may want to use all of the ones you can find.

Just to clarify, these casinos are exactly the same as any other, but they offer free money which is given to new players when creating an account. The bonus can be used for different games, specified by the casino. Most of them allow you to use the offer for horse races, virtual in this case scenario.

So once, you place a bet and the algorithm determines the outcome, you can win. One advantage here is the fact that the outcome is visible after a few seconds or minutes so there is no need to wait for the actual race to end. If you are in the rush and don’t have the time to gamble in any other way, these games are just ideal for you.

Different Possibilities and Options

Horse racing betting games in the virtual form are not all the same. For instance, you can see a lot of Playtech casinos use and offer Virtual Horses which is explained by the name itself. Then you can see Premier racing which is available in Microgaming casinos. It also has the best graphics and offers the highest betting range. These games are an excellent example of how sports and betting are more connected than you may believe and how advanced the industry is.

In addition, there are other options here. You can bet on money horse games such as Virtual race book 3D which comes with the obvious advantage. Virtual Derby and Premier Trotting are available as well. Each option is different and offers you specific advantages. You may want to check a review of each game to get a better idea.

Keep in mind that horse racing slots do exist as well. However, these are ordinary video slots that use a horse racing theme. You can see horses and jockeys as symbols that are paired with various items and elements used from actual horse racing tournaments.

When it comes to bets you can place, they are similar as in roulette or any other game. Basically, you bet on the probability and if you guess right, you can win money. The most common option is a straight bet. You will bet on which virtual horse will win. Show bets allow you to bet on a horse that will finish in the top 3 and lay bets allow you to bet on a horse that will not win the race. There are many other bets supported as well.


These days horse riding games online are stunning. You can get free spins for these games and you can enjoy them almost anywhere. Some even say that these games will replace actual horse racing any time soon. One way or another, now you know all about these games and you are ready to place the first bet.





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