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LiveryList is also the Uk’s leading resource for yard owners, providing up-to-date information, guidance and resources in all aspects of practical and administrative yard management. Our dedicated Yard Owner Hub provides a huge amount of information collated with some of the UK’s leading equestrian organizations, associations and businesses, all free and available to yard owners.


LiveryList offers the perfect place for you to promote your products and services within the equestrian community on a trusted and respected advertising and guidance platform with excellent links and presence across the UK equine network. We offer a range of advertising options across the site enabling you to effectively promote your product or service. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements


For… Horse Owners

LiveryList is an easy way to put horse owners and livery vacancies together. We have over 600 yards listed across the UK that can be searched by postcode, town or county, and give those seeking livery the ability to contact the yard owner directly. The listings are submitted by the yard owner or manager ensuring as best as possible that the yard and contact details are correct. In addition, the site can also be used to search for riding schools, training venues and facility hire amongst others. You can start your search here

For… Yard Owners

LiveryList was established in 2011 and has become one of the most used resources for horse owners looking to find suitable livery for their horse. LiveryList gives you the option to advertise your yard or equestrian centre on one of our packages- Basic, Standard or Featured– from just £15 per year. Depending on the package you choose, you can add unlimited information and photos of your yard, as well as have reviews added by past or present clients. You can log in as much or as little as you need to to keep your listing updated.

Your listing is then visible to thousands of UK equestrians every month and can be used not only to promote your vacancies, but also any other services you offer, facility hire and events. All enquiries go straight to your inbox, as well as extensive advertising of our listed yards on our Social Media platforms. To date, LiveryList has advertised, and filled, thousands of vacancies. You can see the advertising packages here, and add your yard in just a few minutes!

… Yard Owner Hub

LiveryList is proud to have the best resources for yard owners in the UK. Working with some of the UK’s largest Equestrian associations and charities, we bring you a comprehensive selection of up to date information, resources and templates to best help you manage your yard practically and administratively. Best of all, these are completely free to access and download. Our brand new yard owner hub (YOH) is a culmination of our previous Equine Guides resources. The YOH is the most comprehensive database of documents to help you run your yard practically and administratively.

As well as the YOH, LiveryList also regularly publishes articles on our own blog, as well as regular featured for Horsemart UK on the topic of Livery Yards.

… Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a yard by starting a search from the homepage, or any of the search areas on the site. You can search by location and select a preferred radius, or you can search by keyword or yard name if you are looking for something specific.
Each listing has up to date contact details for the yard, as well as direct links to their website and social media pages for a majority of listings. If you send an enquiry through the listing using the contact form, this also goes directly to the yard owners email so that they can contact you directly in response to your enquiry.
Unlike other yard directories that simply copy yard details from other sites, our listings are added and maintained by the yard owners themselves. This means that they have entered all of the information in person. If a listing expires and is not renewed by the yard owner it is removed from the site. Our yard owners are paid advertisers, and as such have an invested interest in keeping their listings up to date and receiving enquiries from our users.
The content of listings will depend on two things- the advertising package selected by the yard owner or manager, and the level of detail they have chosen to share in the advert. This means the content of listings can vary. All listings are required to have a minimum level of information, but you will find some have more detail or images than others. However, on all listings, you are able to contact the yard owner directly to request more information.
All Standard and Featured listed yards have the ability for reviews to be submitted, this can be done from the listing page. If you scroll right to the bottom of the listing, you can submit your review score and wording in the 'Add a Review' section. All listings are manually approved prior to publication. This function is not available on Basic listings. If you want to remove a review that you have submitted, then you need to contact us at admin@liverylist.co.uk to request removal using the same email address submitted for the review to confirm a genuine request.
You can add your yard to the site in just a few minutes. Simply click on the 'Add My Yard' link, select an advertising package and follow the sign-up process. At the end of sign up, if you are satisfied with your listing preview, payment is made securely via PayPal, and your listing is live within a couple of hours. Standard and Featured Listings are then automatically shared to our social media pages too.
No. We want our Yard Owners to be invested in their listing. Free listings are often long forgotten about and left with out of date information which is the opposite of what we want to achieve for our yard owners and our users. We do not crib listings off of other sites for this exact reason as you never know what is up to date. We do not want our users trying to contact yards that no longer exist, have changed hands, or that the contact information is incorrect for which we feel would reflect badly upon the livery yards. By paying a small fee, our Yard Owners remember their listing and log in frequently to keep it up to date. We charge only a small amount for our listings which goes towards our costs for the running of the site. For those on a limited budget, We offer a Basic listing for just £15 a year, and even a comprehensive Featured Listing works out to just £1.50 per week!! The remainder of the site costs is funded by our wonderful advertisers who are all hand-picked to offer relevant services and products to our users. Although we don’t have free listings, we do have occasional seasonal discounts or promotional codes so it’s worth following our Social Media channels if you’re thinking about adding your yard!
All listings are added on an automatic renewal, cancel anytime basis. When you add your yard, a subscription will be set up on PayPal to automatically renew the listing upon expiry. The advantage of this is that your listing will only ever cost you the same as the standard rate at the time you joined, and would not be subject to any price increases that new advertisers or manual renewals would be. To cancel your listing is easy. You simply need to cancel the PayPal subscription to LiveryList (on your PayPal account). You can do this at any time. This will prevent the renewal payment being processed, and the listing will be removed from the site within a few days of expiry, but remains on your account for 12 months should you wish to renew at any time. You cannot cancel a listing by deleting the listing from your LiveryList account, as this will only remove the listing from the site and does not prevent the renewal payment being processed. You need to cancel the PayPal subscription to LiveryList to prevent any further payments.
LiveryList covers the whole of the UK and virtually every type of short and long-term equestrian livery option, as well as listings for riding schools, competition centres, training venues, and facility hire. We have many users who search the site exclusive of livery packages to find local facility hire, instruction or other services. Whilst we endeavor to cover all types of livery package, facility and service on our options, we understand that the industry evolves and we're hap^py to add other options at request.
LiveryList doesn’t just offer to advertise for permanent livery vacancies, but for many other things too. Perhaps someone is looking to hire facilities- an Arena, or Cross Country Course perhaps. Maybe people are looking for short-term vacancies such as schooling or sales that you may be able to accommodate or even may be interested in using your other services or events such as instruction or riding camps. LiveryList is the only Livery Yard Directory which has a Vacancy Indicator. This means users can see if you have vacancies, a waiting list, or are full. This will stop unnecessary enquiries if you’re full, but equally lets users know if you’ve got spaces on offer! As well as that, constant advertising will mean people remember your yard if they are searching locally and even helps many advertisers create a waiting list allowing them to pick and choose the most suitable clients as soon as vacancies arise meaning stables are empty for less time, and you're able to choose the most suited candidate!
Yes, we have a specific section for yards to rent, as well as a dedicated listing type. This allows you to have the advantages and pormotion of a featured listing, but to advertise your yard rental. This allows the promotional benefit, but a shorter term. Please see Add Your Yard for details of all packages.
LiveryList rates at the top of searches for many general and location-specific livery yard directory queries in search engines such as Google. We do not pay for site optimisation or promotion, we are there because there are so many visitors to the site! LiveryList was visited by over 164,000 unique users in 2021 and between them, they made over 1.4 million pages views on the site. Your listing will pop up in a variety of ways- in search results by location, related keywords, livery packages… there are many ways your listing will be found on the site and on other search engines. New standard and basic listings are shared to Facebook- which has over 12,000 followers-, which in turn are shared on our other Social Media platforms. As well as that, we don’t just add your listing and let it sit there, we constantly promote our listed yards, as well as for Featured advertisers, following your yard social media accounts and sharing any posts that are relevant to our users. There are certain aspects that will get more people to click on your listing- uploaded photos, plenty of wording, and of course, our Featured Listings have a slightly higher view rate due to the additional promotion on other pages of the site.
Our details terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the website, on every page, along with our data/ GDPR policy.
Yes, LiveryList holds a Site Security Certificate (which is why our web address begins https:// and has a tiny padlock next to it in the address bar). You will also see a little green tick next to the web address in search engines showing we are rated safe by website security programs such as Norton Antivirus. All payments are processed externally via PayPal - which is secure and encrypted- meaning that no bank or payment details are stored on our server or database.
We are GDPR compliant and registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) as per the new law brought in on 25th May 2018. We have a Data Policy for our users who are made fully aware of what data we store, and what we use it for, details of which can be found in our terms and conditions. We do not automatically store details of those making enquiries to listed yards on the site. We do not sell, share or publish our contact or client lists. We also do not publish email addresses on our listings which means people cannot trawl our sites to take these contact details.
We offer full support for our users and advertisers. The best method is to contact us by email admin@liverylist.co.uk where we should reply to you within 24 hours, or you can submit the contact form below.

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