3 Jaw-dropping Horseback Riding Tours to Add to Your Bucket-list

Posted on 5th February 2022

Imagine travelling along glittery lakes, incredible gorges, forest settings while mountainscapes or neverending horizons paint the backdrop, all while atop a horse. A horseback riding tour grants the chance to marvel at the surroundings while on the move—nothing beats a constant unravelling of scenery. It’s also likely that you’ll find yourself immersed in natural, historic scenes at some point along your journey. Talk about mesmerizing and memorable!

Pump reality into your dream vacation by checking out three of the best horseback riding tours listed below.

  1. Crossing the Andes on Horseback Tour

Travel from Argentina to Chile on this incredible guided, rustic Crossing the Andes on Horseback Tour. What better way to explore the Andes than to traverse the roaring landscape by horse? Setting out from Mendoza, Argentina, you’ll enjoy the history before dipping into the wild.

Throughout your six-day journey, you’ll not only revel in the gorges, rivers, snow-capped peaks, and glaciers but sink into relaxing thermal pools and mineral springs to rejuvenate your sore muscles! When the stars dot the sky, enjoy quiet, secluded shelters tucked away in the wild, falling asleep to nature’s white noise.

On top of all of that, you’ll get to exchange stories with the Argentine cowboys, gauchos, who call the Andes foothills home! Then, you’ll cross into Chile on Day 5, summiting Portillo de Piuquenes at the border.

It’s safe to say that the Crossing the Andes on Horseback Tour seamlessly blends rustic, culture, and wild to create one unforgettable adventure!

  1. Horseback Riding through Patagonia Tour

Craving a horseback riding adventure, but want to enjoy multiple activities packed into ten incredible days? Then, you’ve found yourself the right excursion: the Horseback Riding Through Patagonia Tour! Traverse Patagonia and relish in the surreal surroundings, such as shimmering bodies of water cradled and backed by jagged, towering rocks and verdant mountainscapes.

Go where few go, travelling from refuge to refuge, revelling in the untouched wild! Like the tour mentioned above, you’ll catch a glimpse of culture via interactions with los gauchos, the Argentinian cowboys.

But when you step off your horse, know that more adventure awaits. Enjoy a boat ride, followed by a hike, to the Hidden Glaciers. Take a day trip to the must-see Los Glaciares National Park, where several glaciers take Argentina’s already-mesmerizing scenery to the next level. You’ll hike to Mt. Fitz Roy, where granite needles shoot into the sky, flanking a bright blue body of water. This is a long journey, but the rewards make the huffing and puffing worth it. Your legs won’t have much time to rest because the next day, you’ll go on another hike to the Cerro Torre Mountain Range.

This 10-day partially guided tour starts with horseback riding through Patagonia, with a hike interspersed in there, before spending the remaining days enjoying the scenery by foot!

  1. Horseback Riding to Patagonia’s Hidden Glacier

Live life the traditional way on the Horseback Riding to Patagonia’s Hidden Glacier tour! This 5-day guided adventure gives the chance to escape the hustle and bustle, the stress creeping into your everyday life back home. Feel the weight on your shoulders transition from typical daily thoughts to a backpack, thanks to the remote scenery, high passes, mountain ranges, and three magical glaciers that await.

Out of the five days on this tour, you’ll travel three by horse, traversing untouched Patagonia. At one point, you’ll step off your horse and travel by foot and boot to the “Amphitheater,” a stunning viewpoint that unveils the Gorra, Frias, and Grande glaciers from up high.

Expect to say goodbye to crazy civilization and revel in Argentina’s backyard, where you’ll stay on a local ranch with a pioneer family!

Which horseback riding tour stands out to you the most? The first one makes for a fantastic cross-backcountry pure horseback riding adventure. In contrast, the second seamlessly fuses various outdoor activities with horseback riding. Finally, the third packs a punch in five days, with horseback riding and the trip to the vista of the three glaciers. Well, which one stands out to you? Choose one, and get ready for your dream trip to become a reality—without much planning involved!

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