Choosing the Right Dog Breed for Life on the Farm

Dogs are indispensable helpers on farms. They can perform numerous tasks: protecting the territory, guarding the herd, searching for lost livestock, participating in hunting, and so on. In addition, they are real, loyal companions for the farmer and his family members. Distinctive abilities and skills characterize different breeds.

Top 5 popular breeds

It is impossible to imagine life on the farm without a reliable and loyal dog. A properly trained animal will become your permanent companion and an assistant in the household. In addition to professional training, it is necessary to provide the pet with proper nutrition. Buying quality balanced food from a reliable dog food manufacture is better. When choosing, you should consider factors such as breed, weight, age, and the dog’s individual characteristics.

The following review will help you decide on the breed of dog:

  1. The Scottish Sheepdog (Collie) has always been considered a born shepherd. Its amazing temperament is best suited for an active life on the farm. Such a dog is quite hardy and easy to train. It desperately needs frequent long walks in the company. By the way, the collie hardly tolerates loneliness and also loves children very much. Such a pet will become an unrivaled guardian. 
  2. Rottweiler is an excellent defender of the farm territory. The intelligent, beautiful, powerful dog will conquer you with loyalty and reliability. It possesses a cool temperament and fighting qualities. It needs good socialization and professional training from an early age.
  3. The Dalmatian is a white, masculine beauty with bright black or brown spots on the body. A large, strong dog can easily cover considerable distances. It has unbridled energy, which fits perfectly into the farm life. If you have a farm for breeding horses, this dog will be an indispensable assistant. It loves children very much. The pet needs a firm hand when training. Otherwise, it will be difficult to control him.
  4. The Australian Shepherd dog is the ideal breed for a cattle farm. They will quickly gather a herd. It’s strong, stocky, and insanely energetic. It is characterized by endurance and intelligence. It enjoys learning something new. There is no bossiness in the character. On the contrary, such a dog tries to please its owner in everything. 
  5. The German Shepherd is the best suited as a working dog. It has a sharp mind and is loyal and obedient, making it a favorite of most farm owners. The instincts of the pet include herding and protection of the territory. Its keen sense of smell lets it track down lost livestock. From an early age, the puppy needs good socialization and correct training. Otherwise, an adult dog can become aggressive and uncontrollable.

In addition to the breeds listed above, other dogs can be good helpers. When choosing a four-legged friend, you should consider its character, physical qualities, intelligence, trainability, and ability to cope with the assigned duties.


It can be challenging to work on a farm without a four-legged helper. The process will become more effective and accessible if you buy a dog of the right breed. It is essential that the pet copes with the tasks at hand. At the same time, you should not forget about the appropriate care and education.


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