Common Symbols You’ll Find in Top Horse Racing Themed Casino Slots

The world of casino slots is so diverse that there’s something for anyone, literally. Whether you want to reminisce over your favourite movies/ tv shows, or enjoy unique themes like Greek mythology or the ancient Egyptian civilization, you’ll find something that matches your taste. 

Sports fans aren’t also left behind, and there are slots with soccer, basketball and WWE themes, among others. So if horse racing scratches that itch for you, then don’t worry. Renowned game developers have transformed the thrilling world of horse racing into exciting slot games that are to a tee. The good news is that these providers have partnered with top online casino real money sites to offer you a variety of horse racing-themed games.  

What’s more is that these games not only promise a good time but also feature iconic symbols that will make you feel like you’re in the stands, cheering for your favourite horse. In fact, the best of these casino slots games online have a wide variety of symbols that will ultimately draw you into the game. 



Horse racing and horseshoes go hoof-in-hand, playing a crucial role in the sport’s history. These sturdy, U-shaped metal shoes, worn by racing thoroughbreds, serve as the footwear equivalent of high-performance racing tires. They provide traction, protect the horse’s hooves, and even enhance their gait efficiency, allowing these majestic animals to sprint at breathtaking speeds.  

In horse racing slots, horseshoes are quite common. You’ll see them in almost every slot related to the sport. However, they don’t pay out as much as some other symbols and only serve as low-paying symbols. Just like a horse isn’t complete without its horseshoe, so is a horse-themed game without this iconic symbol. 



Jockeys and their speedy steeds chase glory on the tracks, but it’s not just about speed. Trophies in horse racing honour the triumphant team, which includes the jockey, trainer, and owner. These gleaming symbols of victory celebrate their combined skill and dedication. 

Similar to race courses, trophies are frequent in horse racing-themed slots, too, usually to trigger your winning spirit. They appear quite often in these games and are usually worth a decent amount of points or money. You can spot them in popular slots like Ruby Walsh: Champion’s Gold Slots. 



On the race track, jockeys are the unsung heroes. After all, they’re the ones behind the winning steeds. So, it goes without saying they’re a regular in horse racing themed slots.  For example, in Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Jackpot, three distinct icons pay homage to the legendary jockey Frankie Dettori on the five-reel game.  

Beyond Dettori, other celebrated jockeys like Ruby Walsh and AP McCoy have also found their place in the virtual slot realm. Cayetano Gaming’s “Ruby Walsh: Champion’s Gold” immortalises the spirited Irish jockey, Ruby Walsh, while the “AP McCoy Sporting Legend” slot features a portrait of McCoy himself astride a powerful horse.  



Helmets in horse racing are like seat belts for jockeys. They’re vital for safety, protecting riders from head injuries if they fall. These snug-fitting helmets are designed to absorb impact, reducing the risk of serious harm. Just as we wear helmets on bikes, jockeys wear them to stay safe in the saddle. 

Helmets have become a common sight in almost every horse slot game. In games like “AP McCoy Sporting Legend,” where McCoy’s horse-riding moments are prominent, the helmet joins the ranks as a valuable symbol worth 500 times your bet. 

Race Course 

It wouldn’t be a complete horse racing adventure if the iconic horse racing track weren’t included. In most horse racing themed slots, the racetrack commonly serves as the background, setting the stage for your gaming adventure. When it does appear on the colourful reels, the racetrack often serves as the bonus feature. 


For instance, in Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven Slot, race courses play a pivotal role. When the race course icons appear on reels one and five, they ignite the Magic Seven bonus round. This thrilling feature takes players to a virtual race track divided into 20 spaces. Players get to select a section, unveiling exciting prizes. Some spaces activate coin rewards, while stumbling upon a trophy triggers video clips and boosts your multiplier. 


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