Redwings launches Guttural Pouch Scoping Support Scheme at BEVA Congress

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is launching its new Guttural Pouch Scoping Support Scheme at BEVA Congress in Birmingham this week (13th – 16th September) which will give vets easy access to expert help with complex or challenging strangles cases.

A handy card containing a scannable QR code will be available for free from the Redwings stand (D40) throughout the event. It will enable vets to access guidance and tips in the diagnosis and management of the infectious equine disease from professional peers with extensive experience in guttural pouch endoscopy, and contact details to access one-to-one telephone contact with a clinical mentor.

The Scheme, which is part of Redwings’ long-running Stamp Out Strangles Campaign to reduce cases in the UK, has been operational since this February.

NEWC Director, Nic de Brauwere, who is Head of Welfare and Behaviour at Redwings, said: “If you are a vet who is dealing with a tricky strangles case, would like to skill up on guttural pouch endoscopy or are unsure which scoping tools are best in different situations, then we are here to help.

“We have been offering this service on an ad hoc basis for some time but formalised the operation of it earlier this year.

“This card is designed to keep somewhere handy, with quick access to the growing resources we are investing in making available and a direct line to us here at Redwings for further support.”

The Scheme offers:

  • Confidential one-to-one telephone contact with a clinical mentor.
  • Image and video-sharing opportunities via a dedicated WhatsApp group or email.
  • Access to mentors experienced in using endoscopy in a range of situations, including post-infection screening, Strangles carrier diagnosis, chondroid removal, management of persistently infected equines and guttural pouch flushing.
  • Support for using endoscopy in the wider context of outbreak management, blood test results and client circumstances.
  • Practical advice on the range of scopes and accessories suited to particular cases.
  • Information on the latest best-practice guidance, research findings and product developments relating to strangles.

Nic de Brauwere is attending BEVA congress, along with other members of the Redwings strangles campaign team. The charity’s stand will have promotional information about the Scheme, as well as information about the charity’s work as co-ordinators of the annual Strangles Awareness Week which takes place in May and the latest information on the disease.

Helen Whitelegg, Research and Policy Officer at Redwings, will be speaking on the Infectious Disease Panel on Thursday afternoon. She said: “We’re delighted to be able to talk to vets about the Human Behaviour Change approach we use to campaign on strangles. We know that information alone has limited impact, so we’re working to make practical biosecurity a simpler, more achievable part of everyday horse care.”

To contact Redwings’ Scoping Support Scheme email or call 01508 481008.

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