6 Things About Horses That One Special Student Taught Me

Posted on 28th September 2021

Horses have long been a part of humanity, and for a variety of reasons. They are a variety of things, including working animals, pets, and equestrian athletes, to mention a few. And they have the power to teach you so many valuable things.

So, in this blog post, I listed the 6 things that horses can teach you, as I learned from them.

What They Will Teach You?

Riding and having horses has had a significant impact on life. They are amazing teachers who have given so many life skills to many people. I’ll be eternally grateful that one special student taught me a lot about them, and as I try to ride one of them, they turn me into the person I am now. So here it is what they teach me:

1.    Respect

The horse world, like many other facets of life, is narrower than you might assume, with a wide range of perspectives and experiences. Among the most essential things I’ve taught is to always respect the thoughts and beliefs of people, just as I want to be respected. It applies not only to the horse world, but also to everyday life – the ability to share the experience while being polite and compassionate. And anyway, none of us knows everything!

 2.    Patience

Horses operate on horse time rather than human time, which means they’ll do whichever the hell they please whenever they choose. There is no way to make someone do something they don’t want to do. I’ve learned that the only way to survive is to be patient. This is a very good skill for working or studying. And while you have patience with yourself and need a second opinion, Top Essay Writing services can help you with your assignments.

3.    Nothing Is Perfect

The more we’ve learned about horses, the further we’ve understood there is no one-size-fits-all solution. When you’re trying to find things out, you’ll see that there are a lot of different ways to solve problems, and we’ve yet to believe that any single solution is flawless because, let’s face it, perfect doesn’t exist in horses, life, or science. As our learning expands, and we gain new perspectives, we’ve discovered that my response changes and evolves as well.

4.    Confidence

Horses have always been my go-to when I feel like I have nothing else. When I was a youngster, these were pretty much the only thing I glanced forward to every week. They were the ones that kept me trying. They have generated a sense of purpose and motivation. They have unintentionally led me to what I hope would be a future career. I’m grateful because all of my blood, sweat, and emotions opened so many opportunities for me and provided me with a great education. Although if I don’t pursue a profession in horseback riding, they will still be a part of my life, and they have already had a significant impact.

5.    Emotion

Having a horse might be like staring in the mirror at times. They can reflect a lot of what you’re going through at the time. When I first received my horse, he was obstinate, unhappy, distant, and disliked any form of help. We’ve gone a long way, but no one could ever teach me more about myself than my horses.

6.    Listening

Horses taught me the importance of paying attention. You might wonder how you can listen to a creature that can’t talk, and while they may not be able to communicate vocally, they can certainly communicate if you are prepared to listen. What you need to know will be shown by their body language and energy. It appears like they never stop talking once you start listening.

Horses are capricious in every manner; no two are alike, and they all have individual requirements. They have unquestionably taught me to trust my intuition more than anything else. It’s difficult to express, but I’ve learned that sometimes you simply have to go with the flow. It’s sometimes only correct, even if it seems insane.

So, to summarize, horses can give you this big perspective of life, and teach you such things as accountability, dedication, critical thinking, effective communication, and confidence. They have taught me that if you want to succeed in life, you must be persistent. They have made it increasingly difficult for me to get a lead change or counter canter. They instilled in me the will and perseverance to complete the task and demonstrate my riding abilities.



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