9 International Tips How to Sell a Horse

Posted on 28th September 2021

It seems there is a moment in every horse owner’s life when they must sell their horse. It would seem wise to know how to effectively advertise and sell your horse to gain the greatest value, whatever you train and sell horses for a living or just have reached the point when your horse no longer meets your needs. So, in this blog post, we listed 9 tips that will help you sell a horse.

What Is Necessary To Sell a Horse?

It can be difficult to know where to begin whether you’re selling your horse online, in a print magazine, at your local tack store, or by word of mouth. Just half of the job is done, and there are actions you can do to help assure the sale. So, here we listed some tips to assure the selling goes smoothly:

1.    High-Quality Pictures

When it comes to capturing your horse, high-quality images are crucial. Period. And getting that beautiful photo does require some time, effort, and possibly money! You wouldn’t want to hide any issues your horses may have, but you also want to show off your horse. If ever, is your horse’s moment to shine! Here are some tips on how to picture your horse: make use of the sun. The light should be evenly distributed across the horse’s length, with really no large shadows. The best light is in the early morning or early evening. Properly position their feet to expose all four legs. Slide the horse’s nearest front leg forwards and farthest hind leg backward.

 2.    High-Quality Video

This, in our opinion, is one of the most important selling aspects. When they make the effort to contact you, people want to know what kind of horse you have. Arrange for a friend or relative to film you while you’re riding. Consider what you would like to see in a horse clip if you were in the market for one, and then consider your horse’s capabilities and emphasize them.

3.    Clean Your Horse

Before you take pictures or videos, make sure your horse is as clean and lustrous as possible. Now, I realize that this isn’t always easy. Even during winter, horses’ coats are thick with winter hair, making that summer gloss impossible to achieve. And as spring approaches, that hair is vanishing quickly. Then springtime showers dump muck all over the place.

4.    Short Bio

Make a short essay about your horse. Get precise and eliminate any unnecessary fluff or jargon. This is something you can utilize when you first start promoting your horse. Write down the details regarding your horse (color, age, registered status, size), as well as his accomplishments, skills, and everything else worth mentioning. Fill in the blanks with where you believe his niche is. Or, if you are selling your horse on a different market, write the short bio in the language of the market. In this case, the best online document translation services can help you with the translation process.

5.    Allow A Test Drive 

Any potential buyer should take a horse for a test ride. We’ve let folks take our horses to their house on several occasions after they signed a release form and left a fee with us. This helps them to see if the horse will work for them over time in their surroundings.

6.    Market Your Horse

Now that you’ve considered and identified your horse’s abilities, it’s time to locate a matching! There are numerous Facebook groups devoted to horse sales. All the data you’ve acquired should be published and shared in these groups. Also, inform your veterinarian, feed shop employees, and any other horse contacts that you intend to sell your horse. You rarely know who will show up as a result of your contacts!

7.    Negotiate

Be willing to compromise. You might want to set prices a little greater than your profit margin, just in case, there seems to be some room for bargaining. So, it’s good to prepare yourself for some negotiating.

8.    Have Papers Ready

Make sure you have your registration documents and bills of sale ready to sign and deliver over. For example, papers of the horse’s birth, the sire, warranties, etc. It’s good to have all papers in one place, so you don’t waste time looking for them after you find a perfect match. They might see you as unsteady or unready, and you can lose them as clients.

9.    Make The Sale

You’ve compiled all of your data into a respectable presentation, advertised your horse, and invited potential buyers to have a look, and you’ve discovered that perfect match. Congrats! Exchange the documentation you’ve already gathered, sign the papers, and happily accept your payment.

To summarize, these 9 strategies will successfully promote and sell your horse. They are extremely helpful and efficient! We all want to sell our horses for the best price possible and to people who will appreciate them since they have discovered the perfect match! If you have some other tips, please share your thoughts with us.


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