Horse Racing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Posted on 30th July 2016

Horse racing had been a favorite for many people to watch from various parts of the world. With its popularity, horse betting is also one of the top favorites for sports betting. Along with other top sports like football, baseball, and basketball, you can always see horse racing betting as one of the top offers of online sports bookmakers.

Bookmakers are always out to attract new players to sign up for their site or app. They offer bonuses, promote their odds and lines, and many more. As a bettor, always make sure that you check the bookmaker you are looking to sign up for and reading reviews on can help you a lot. Also, make sure that you bet strategically, and not based on myths and baseless beliefs.

Here are the top horse tracing myths that are still being passed on until today, but you should stop believing right away.

Everything is fixed and rigged

This is perhaps one of the oldest myths, not just in horse racing, but for almost every sport for that matter. There will always be people who would insist that there is a “secret hand” that controls everything in sports, and the audience are nothing more but spectators of a scripted and rehearsed game. You can hear this, especially from people who had lost a bet due to their bets losing the game. Some people would then accuse the game of being rigged and fixed against them.

However, it has long been proven that this is not the case for horse racing or any sport at all. While there had been instances where rigging and fixing had been exposed in some sports, sports are still a fairly-played game in the general sense.

It’s in the shoe color

Go ask someone who had been betting on horse racing for quite some time now what are some of the indications of a good horse to bet on, and one of the answers you’d probably get is the color of the foot of the horse.

One of the longest-running and oldest myth ion horse racing is that a steed with at least one white foot showing is a horse that is a definite carrier of a winning gene and thus would surely win the race. On the other hand, this myth had it that horses with four white feet are not good and would lose the race and, thus, do not bet on them in any way.

Grey horses for rainy days?

So the day of the race comes, and rain suddenly started pouring down. One of the first things that you can expect to happen in a horse betting area is to see people clamoring to bet on a grey horse in the race. Why is that? There is really no explanation for it, as with all other myths, but some people have long believed that grey horses are natural “muddlers,” and thus, they run their best when it is raining. Thus, you would want to bet on a grey horse if the race day is a rainy day.

However, as with all myths, this is purely baseless belief. There was no scientific evidence to date that horse color had something to do about how they perform in wet conditions.

Is the mafia involved?

This is most probably caused by how movies have portrayed horse racing. The truth is that horse racing is controlled and regulated by racing commissions and the government, and not a secret underground society such as the mafia.


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