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PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Paddock Paradise Livery is a family-run Paddock Paradise livery situated in Staffordshire, Midlands UK. We specialise in the care of retired equines or equines in need of rehabilitating – most commonly due to issues surrounding diet, movement and trim.

Our priority is to offer your equine a safe, natural space with their every need catered to – a home away from home. We provide the residents of PB with a peaceful environment, fulfilling their need for a species appropriate diet amongst a herd with unrestricted movement. Each and every horse is given the freedom to forage, move, sleep and play whenever they please. At PB, we encourage horses to be horses.

Could your equine benefit from our set up and care?

The Paddock Paradise is a concept based on the lifestyle of wild and free-roaming horses, and provides domesticated horses with a environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat. Our equines not only reap the benefits of daily movement from one need such as water to another such as food, but additionally benefit from socialisation with other horses, grooming, foraging, playing and generally having the freedom of choice to do as they please. While your horse is with us, we aim to provide them with an environment that contributes to the release of any stress – be it stress from busy yard environments or lack of species interactions, we allow them to just switch off and simply be a horse. We provide them with companionship and the freedom to move, sleep, eat and play as they choose, all whilst having their diet monitored and managed for those with more complex needs. PB specialises and takes pride in the care given to those who have complex needs and conditions – treating every horse like our own.

Common issues we can help with:

  •  Laminitis and being prone to Laminitis – our non grass Paddock Paradise allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass – it allows us to manage their diet without restricting their movement.
  • EMS, IR and Obesity – our set ups are the perfect set up for losing weight and getting rid of those unwanted fat pads.
  • Arthritis, joint stiffness and ongoing or old injuries – the Paddock Paradise encourages movement which helps horses who stiffen, swell or worsen from box rest and stabling.
  • Resource guarding – all our liveries have access to 24/7 water, food and forage. With time we often find those who resource guard begin to trust in their freedom of choice (their food isn’t going anywhere) and begin to share with others.
  • Anxious or stressy horses – we offer a peaceful, calm environment that benefits horses who are sensitive and stressy to constant coming and going, noise and busy surroundings.
  • Boredom – many horses walk through our doors suffer from problems such as crib biting and wind sucking. Being in a herd within a species appropriate environment allows them to thrive mentally, simply allowing them to be horses.
  • Grass sensitivity or grass – related behavioural issues – our non grass Paddock Paradise system allows turnout without the danger and threat of grass.
  • Hoof rehabilitation – more movement encourages new healthy hoof growth, ideal for horses with Navicular and Laminitis. We specialise in this and work with our Hoof Care Practitioner Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters for the best results.
  • Lack of muscle – our environment helps build and tone muscle – top lines, bottoms and shoulders strengthen naturally without ridden or in hand work.
  • Ulcers – our horses have constant access to low sugar, adlib meadow hay and other low sugar forage. We try to make out environment as stress free as possible for our liveries too.

We also offer ridden livery for ridden horses and their owners at our brand-new, Ridden Paddock Paradise yard.

If you would like to enquire about any of our services, please get in contact.


  • Equicentral or Track Livery
  • Full Livery
  • Natural Livery
  • Rehabilitation Livery
  • Retirement Livery
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Field Shelters
  • Natural Shelter
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Tearoom or Kitchen
  • Toilets
  • Track System / Paddock Paradise
  • Hacking- Quiet Lanes
  • Not Applicable- No Riding Facilities
  • Clipping & Grooming Services (Provided by Yard)
  • Dentist- Regular Visits
  • Equine Body Worker- Regular Visits
  • Feed & Bedding Delivered to Yard
  • Poo Picking
  • Vet- Regular Visits
  • Worming Programme
  • Yard Manager

Yard Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews
5 This yard look after pony and owner. If there was

Review by , 3 weeks ago

This yard look after pony and owner. If there was an option to move in, I’d be there. Simply put I searched and viewed many places to find the right place. Most are interested in how they meet your needs as the owner, at PB the horse is first and the owner second. Refreshing and knowledgeable. The Best Care any pony can have.

5 So happy to have found PB for our Sophie. Their

Review by , 1 month ago

So happy to have found PB for our Sophie. Their care and attention is excellent. We spent along time looking for a suitable livery when we moved to Stafford. Sophie had been used to full time field access and hated being stabled. We were not particularly looking for a track system, not knowing much about it, but it suits Sophie very well. We had always managed her diet by strip grazing, but it was a challenge! She has been at PB for just over a year and is happy, healthy and looks younger. We couldn't be more happy with her care.

5 This place really is paradise. Family run and all the

Review by , 1 year ago

This place really is paradise. Family run and all the horses are treated just like they are part of their family. Pb are also incredibly knowledgeable so I know my boy is in the best hands. Highly Highly recommended.

5 I had tried to manage my spooky grass affected horse

Review by , 1 year ago

I had tried to manage my spooky grass affected horse for a while, but he became worse & rather dangerous to ride. Luckily PB had a space & could take him for rehabilitation. Now barefoot and living mainly on meadow hay, his feet have improved, muscle tension has reduced, and hopefully his brain will be calmer when he comes back into work. Alyson & the team are very knowledgeable, and are totally focused on the horses' needs. All the horses on the track are relaxed and happy. Having kept horses by 'traditional' methods previously, track life has been an eye opener for me, and I am so glad I found out about PB.

5 My ponies and I had struggled to stay healthy in

Review by , 3 years ago

My ponies and I had struggled to stay healthy in various rented fields trying to use track principles but never able to get rid of grass. I knew they would benefit from being in a herd on a track and when ill health made diy almost impossible I took them to PB. It was supposed to be an interim measure while I recovered and found somewhere to keep them nearer home but that was two years ago. They have done so well there, stable weight fantastic feet happy and relaxed that I can’t move them unless I can replicate what they have here. Alyson does a fantastic job and I have seen other horses rehab on the tracks sometimes nothing short of miraculous. Highly recommend.

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Yard Address:
Nr Stafford,
ST20 0

Contact Name: Mrs Alyson Sharpe

Contact Number: 07518370151


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