PB Barefoot Rehab and Retirement Livery

Here at PB R&R, we offer various retirement packages on 18 acres of unfertilised pasture, with a limited grass track that runs a mile and a half in total around the outside of our livery. Our non grass track ideal for those who struggle with Laminitis, EMS, IR, are grass intolerant or injured etc..
We aim to provide our horses and ponies with a peaceful way of living as close to nature as possible. With multiple ponds, high hedges, plently of mature trees, a hilly and winding enviroment – our tracks are suitable for retirements who suffer from stiffness or Arthritus that worsens with lack of movement, all while toning and engaging muscles naturally.
Our track systems are all complete with varouis feeding stations, water sources, shelter (field shelters, trees, hedges, valleys) and salt licks ensuring they remain active and healthy.We encourage our horses to mimic their natural lifestyle and patterns as they would in their most natural enviroment.
We also offer a rehabilitation package with our own rehab track dedicated to healing and helping. This track is also non grass, suitable for those who are grass affected, Laminitic etc. We offer our knowledge, contacts and hard work to heal or look after your horse.
With our brilliant trimmer Georgie Harrison of Hoof Matters (of whom trained with Jaime Jackson of Paddock Paradise) coming every 4 – 8 weeks, we focus on Movement, Diet and Trim to maxamise the horse’s health.

  • Equicentral or Track Livery
  • Full Livery
  • Holiday/ Short Term Livery
  • Natural Livery
  • Rehabilitation Livery
  • Retirement Livery
  • Natural Shelter
  • Field Shelters
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Track System
  • Paddock Paradise System

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Contact Name: Mrs Alyson Sharpe

Contact Number: 07518370151

Mobile Number: 07518370151


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