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Horses living at BEC Livery are iron-free & live as a natural, mixed herd, eating a fibre-based diet, having unrestricted movement and with access to natural and man-made shelter on our 23-acre farm in beautiful and tranquil west Wales. Every effort is made to reduce exposure to chemicals, synthetic substances and man-made stress to an absolute minimum. The first thing visitors say is “isn’t it peaceful here and the horses all seem so contented”.

Domestication will always be a compromise for the horse but we can offer more of a choice than is currently available through conventional yard management. All it takes is the courage to step out of the box and take a look at evolution. Horses require a simple set of essentials. After all if they can look after themselves for all that time, surely, we should be able to meet their needs?

We take your horse’s health and happiness very seriously. All horses are treated as individuals and will be catered for individually. What suits one horse may not suit another. It is fully understood that some will cope with a ‘natural’ lifestyle better than others – each requiring a different level of care. We aim to allow horses to be horses as much as possible – our ongoing work with equines has shown us that this is absolutely the best for them, emotionally & physically. In addition to a lifetime experience of caring for animals, including 15 years running a large-breed specialist boarding kennels, the yard owner obtained 100% pass in the Equine Nutrition course run by the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies and has a CPD Certificate of Attendance from Joe Nasr, medical herbalist for a 2-day seminar on the preparation, properties and uses of aromatic waters, spirituous waters, aromatic tinctures and creams.

In the incredibly soggy winter of 2015/16 we added another dimension to our hybrid track/rotational grazing system by opening a large concrete yard, sheltered by buildings on one side & trees on the other, specifically for winter feeding out of the driving rain which was a feature of that winter. That is an element of the equi-central system and we have found that it works very well in combination with the existing track & herbal grazing paddocks. During the summer we have forage available on that concrete yard too (as well as more on the track); the horses like to take advantage of the cool shade there. The concrete yard is easily accessible from the track at all times.

You can see from the photographs that our land is quite high up – there is always a breeze at this altitude, which makes it ideal for horses prone to sweet-itch. One of our retired ‘ladies’ has never needed her fly sheet since she arrived 10 years ago!

How our 23 acres is apportioned

The main track runs around a 10-acre area, with two further tracks joining the perimeter track.  The area of herbal grazing in the centre is divided into paddocks, all with access from the track, with a further paddock and large lounging area below the 10 acres – access to the herbal grazing paddocks is on a rotation basis and depends on time of year, weather conditions etc.

This main area can be divided and used as two separate adjoining tracks, one about a third the size of the area, the other representing roughly two thirds – this has proved very useful when introducing new arrivals.

We have a further area of about 10 acres, which is our lowest ground and consists of three fields of herbal meadows – this is for our dentally-challenged  oldies, who need access to grazing 24/7 all year round – see photos.

So you can see we are able to cater for all stages of retirement!

If you like our ethos, it is always worth enquiring about the cost of full livery here – even if you are a distance away – our full livery fee is equivalent to DIY in some other areas of the UK.

Full Livery includes
* 24 hr turnout on hybrid track / rotational grazing/ equi-central system with free access to large man-made shelter and natural shelter
* All hay, haylage, Himalayan salt, Redmond Rock (containing minerals), salt granules (additive free), seaweed, brewer’s yeast
* Minimum daily check
* Monthly homeopathic worming
* Homeopathic herd disease protection (instead of vaccinations)
* Use of small indoor manege
* Use of covered area / large, airy stables for grooming etc
* Applied Zoopharmacognosy consultations by appointment

Wholistic Horsemanship – Pioneering a Kinder Way with Horses

Get to know your horse better through body language, observation within the herd and working at liberty. Lessons can be booked with Rosemary Carrington-Rogers BHSAI, our Training Manager, for those wishing to learn more about the horse’s own language of body movement, eye contact, intention and intuition. Rosemary also loves to teach jumping, starting in-hand and gradually building up as far and as high as you / your horse want to go.

NB: We are no longer operating a riding school, so our small indoor school is available now exclusively to livery clients 🙂

Free schooling (working at liberty) increases body awareness, reaction time and safety as the horse learns to balance himself and approach obstacles without the added load of a rider. This can be done individually or in groups for an additional weekly charge.

Access to our ‘herb bar’ on a regular basis where herbs which are not currently growing in the paddocks are available in fresh or dried form – above average intake is invoiced weekly or monthly.

The yard owner & family live on site and Bitless Equestrian Centre is fully insured as a professional livery yard.

We are an ABRS+ Certified Livery Yard and a Non Ridden Equine Friendly Business.

  • Equicentral or Track Livery
  • Full Livery
  • Natural Livery
  • Non-Ridden Livery
  • Rehabilitation Livery
  • Retirement Livery
  • Barefoot Friendly
  • Car Parking
  • CCTV Security
  • Covered Grooming Bays
  • Disabled Access
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Field Shelters
  • Grazing- Available Year Round
  • Grazing- Mixed Herds
  • Hardstanding Areas
  • Lorry or Trailer Parking
  • Natural Shelter
  • No Smoking Policy
  • Non-Ridden Friendly
  • Rubber Matting
  • Security Lighting
  • Stabling- Internal
  • Toilets
  • Track System / Paddock Paradise
  • WiFi Available
  • Arena- Indoor
  • Hacking- Close to Off-Road
  • Hacking- Quiet Lanes
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • Dentist- Regular Visits
  • Exercise & Schooling Available (Provided by Yard)
  • Farrier- Regular Visits
  • Feed Shop On-Site
  • Fully Insured
  • Hay Supplier On-Site
  • New Arrivals Policy/ Procedure
  • Owner/ Manager Lives on Site
  • Poo Picking
  • Riding Lessons (Non- Licensed Establishment- Own Horse)
  • Saddlery On-Site
  • Tack Shop On-Site
  • Vaccination Policy
  • Worming Programme
  • Yard Manager
  • Visiting Instructors

Yard Reviews

Rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews
5 We simply cannot rate this retirement livery highly enough. Our

Review by , 1 month ago

We simply cannot rate this retirement livery highly enough. Our mare, Darcy has always been a sensitive girl, very reactive and easily upset. Unfortunately my health has deteriorated and after owning her for nearly seven years, we opted for Retirement Livery. We chose to move Darcy to BEC, so that all of her needs could be met, as a horse, a herd animal and a sweet sensitive soul who wished for a family. We arrived with Sheila somewhat stressed and I was amazed to see Darcy's response to Sheila's voice and presence. My fractious, panicky mare walked willingly into the indoor school and laid flat down, recovering herself after a rather stressful journey. Sheila went out of her way to care for Darcy and myself on that day,cand every day since. In the months since then, Darcy has flourished into the confident, content spirit that we always wished she could be. She is thriving on the feeding regime, making the most of the herb bar and has fitted in well within the existing herd. She is now content, she has a family, she is cared for and she is allowed to be a horse. Seeing this change is what allows me to provide a positive review, to be sure my beloved mare is safe and that she has found her family. Thank you Sheila xx

5 I have recently moved my horse here and so far

Review by , 8 months ago

I have recently moved my horse here and so far have I'm so happy! :) Shelia the yard owner is very supportive and really knows everything you need to know about your horse living in a herd as natural as possible, which definitely leads to a very relaxed, happy horse. My horse is so much more relaxed and calm, it's wonderful. Since I have been here im having weekly natural horsemanship lessons with Rosemary as it's all new to me, coming from a more traditional horse background. I don't know why I haven't done this before! It all makes perfect sense and I'm having amazing results with my hosre. Happy, relaxed horse.... Happy relaxed owner!! All thanks to Sheila & Rosemary X

5 I moved my boy here a few months ago and

Review by , 7 years ago

I moved my boy here a few months ago and he has developed, both physically and mentally, He lives as natural a life as possible and is now a VERY happy and healthy equine. I cannot recommend this place enough!! The care and attention they provide is second to none! I cannot envision EVER moving my boy's again!!!

5 We agree with above comment. Quite unlike usual livery yard:

Review by , 8 years ago

We agree with above comment. Quite unlike usual livery yard: horses live a more natural life but are handled so remain happy with having humans around. Can recommend highly to everyone.

5 This livery centre is unique. It is totally different from

Review by , 8 years ago

This livery centre is unique. It is totally different from the traditional type of livery yard. Horses here are kept as naturally as possible, in a herd and on a track system. There is always help and advice on hand from Sheila Lee Thompson & Rosemary Carrington-Rogers who keep an expert eye on all the animals. These ladies are totally committed to keeping the horses healthy and happy. They will also gladly take the time to explain how the set up works and why. I keep my three horses here and consider myself very fortunate to have found this place. If you want a happy horse, bring them here.

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ABRS This yard is ABRS+ Certified

Yard Address:
Gwarallt, Talsarn,
SA48 8RA

Contact Name: Mrs Sheila Lee Thompson

Contact Number: 01570471541 [WhatsApp]

Mobile Number: +447799784350

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